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Warhammer Online: Tier 1 Scenarios

by: MD Weems ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Tier 1 play in Warhammer Online has three different scenarios that you can participate in to gain Renown points and just have a great PvP time. Here is your basic guide to them.

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    This is a domination type scenario, which means that you have to capture and hold three different objectives: the Lighthouse, the Barracks, and the Fortress. Order forces will start by the Lighthouse and Destruction forces will start by the Barracks, with the Fortress in the middle. This scenario has a time limit of 15 minutes and scores 500 points for the winning side or however many points that side is able to gain during the time limit. You have to be level 1-11 to join this scenario.

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    Gates of Ekrund

    This is another domination scenario that is between the Gates of Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn. This is another 15 minute scenario and 500 points or the side closest to that at the end of the time limit is crowned winner. The Destruction forces must attack the gates that are being held by the Order forces and the Order forces have to stave off the attack and hold the gates in their control. You have to be level 1-11 to join this scenario.

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    Khaine's Embrace

    This is a 12 vs 12 scenario that is also domination oriented. You have to capture two different things: the Dance of Swords (which is an area close to where the Order forces come in) and Death's Charge (which is an area close to where the Destruction forces come in). This is a 15 minute scenario, and the same 500 points applies here as well. If neither side reaches 500 before the time limit, the side closest to it wins the scenario. One different thing about this scenario is that when both objectives are controlled by one side, Khaine's Wrath is unleashed after 10 consecutive seconds. This means that there will be a large explosion that is centered in each objective, no matter if your side controls it or not – you better run. The only way to avoid the explosion is to get into one of the tunnels or one of the spawn locations before it blows.

    In the next part of this series, we'll go through the Tier 2 scenarios and give you an overview of each one of these as well.

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