Warhammer Online: What are Scenarios?

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What are Scenarios?

Scenarios are actually like raid instances in Warhammer Online, except they are all RvR (Realm vs Realm) play where you are fighting against members of the opposing side. In these instances, you can be fighting several different players from other realms, and there can actually be several of these instances running at the same time – with players from all over the game. When your side wins a scenario, you are then awarded victory points for your specific realm.

Scenario Basics

To get into a scenario, you will need to either open up your interface and join the queue for one, or you can visit one of the towns in your tier zone to join one (normally there is a battle caller or the like ready to let you in on the fun). You can either enter the scenario with a group (up to 6 players) or solo and be placed in a group, which is the norm. When enough players from each faction are ready to go, the scenario is started. You are then ported from the area you are at directly into the scenario. Once the scenario is over, you are ported back to where you were.

Here are some scenario basics that you should know before you head into your first one:

1. Every scenario has a time limit – normally 15 or 20 minutes.

2 .Every scenario has a score base of up to 500 points. Everything that your side does in the scenario will affect these points – from killing opposing members to capturing objectives.

3 .The team that either gets to 500 points or has more points when the scenario’s time is up wins.

4. Every scenario has a cap on the number of players that can be in at once.

5. Every scenario is created to make the RvR play equal, so if you are not quite the same level as most of the players in the scenario, you’ll get a buff to help you out.

6. Every scenario has a base resurrection timer – so if you die, and you will, you will be resurrected at the starting point within a few seconds. Or, a healer can resurrect you immediately.

7. Every scenario is color coded – Red is Destruction forces, Blue is Order forces, and White is neutral.

Scenario Objectives

In every scenario, you will have an objective that your side will need to reach. There are 5 different objectives that you’ll come up against:

1. Capture the flag – the side that gains the most flags or keeps control of the flag longest wins

2 .Domination – the side that dominates the battlefield longest wins

3. King of the Hill – the side that can capture and keep the points longest wins

4. Murder Ball – the side with the highest kill rate wins

5. Death-Match – the side that whacks the other first wins

In the next part of this series, we’ll go through the Tier 1 scenarios to let you know a little about each one.

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