Warhammer Online: More Suggestions for Improvement for Mourkain Temple Scenario

Specific Improvements for Mourkain Temple

Reset the Artifact Every Time It Is Dropped: This is the absolute most important change that needs to be made to Mourkain Temple. What ruins the scenario, and turns it into a boring turtle-fest, is the fact that the turtling team can repeatedly pass off the artifact to other members of their team. Since the carrying team is usually smashed up against their spawn point, it is not hard to create a wall of people around the carrier that prevents the opposing team from grabbing it when/if it drops.

If the artifact reset to the middle EVERY TIME the carrier died, people would have to make an effort to control the temple area as well as protect the carrier. You would no longer have a silly grab, run, and hide situation that happens right now with the artifact.

No Mounts: The rank range for this scenario is 8 to 21 (though honestly, 12 to 21 is the appropriate rank range). Rank 20 and 21 players have mounts, but everyone else does not. Mounts can outright determine which team starts with the artifact. Because starting with it first is such a huge advantage, it really hurts the overall "fairness" of the scenario to have such an advantage to the team with rank 20+ players. One of the many great things about RvR in Warhammer Online is that rank is not such a huge determiner of victory. The bolster system and the tier system let people of all ranks participate effectively in RvR. It would be best if mounts were disabled in Mourkain Temple (as they are in Tor Anroc, by the way).

The only problem with this idea is the fact that it would then change things to giving the artifact to whichever team had a Marauder/White Lion. The real fix to this is the first suggestion regarding artifact resets. But alternatively, the scenario could simply disable the extra charge power for those classes for the first minute.

Do Not Allow Healing or Attacking from the Spawn Area: Players that have not dropped down from the spawn area should not be allowed to heal, buff, debuff, or attack. They should have to enter the field of battle if they wish to do anything to help their team or hinger the opposing team. This is particularly true since one realm has greater "reach" from their spawn area. If the first suggestion was implemented, this would be less of an issue, but it would still be worth doing just on principle.

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