Warhammer Online: Conclusions and Final Analysis for Mourkain Temple Scenario

Final Analysis

Victory in Mourkain Temple comes down to two very simple things:

  1. Grab the artifact first.
  2. Kill more of them than they kill of you.

Holding the artifact means you do not have to kill as many of them as they have to kill of you, which is why turtling is such a powerful and effective strategy. A few helpful tips:

1) Make use of line of sight to protect yourself from ranged DPS. The temple, hills, roots, and trees all provide numerous places to duck behind.

2) Pick your moment to charge the carrier. When the Artifact has been freshly passed off, the DoT will be small and the carrier will be the least vulnerable. This is the time to kill stragglers, aggressive enemies, and healers or ranged DPS. A few minutes after a swap is the ideal time to charge the carrier. The DoT should be ticking for 1500+ damage by then, and even with heals it will be hard for the carrier to survive an aggressive assault.

3) Attack the carrier from different directions. If a frontal attack fails, start circling around the sides. The only way to break the turtle sometimes is to surprise them. Hit from the side and focus all your damage on the carrier. Then try to book it out of there as quickly as you can.

4) Heal your carrier – especially a brand new carrier. Keep your carrier alive unless it is time to pass off the artifact. Speaking of which, healers should pay attention to scenario chat so they know when it is time to STOP healing the carrier. If someone on your team manages to gank their carrier and charge off with the artifact, heal them as much as possible as fast as possible.

5) Don’t Turtle! It simply is not fun. There was a time on some servers where teams actually did not use the turtle strategy, and Mourkain Temple was a lot of fun. Players have the power to bring that back.


Mourkain Temple can be a very fun scenario, but the few glaring flaws often ruin it. The fact that it pops far more often than the other two Tier 2 scenarios means most players spend the majority of their T2 scenario life in Mourkain Temple. When every match is a turtle from one side or the other, it gets extremely repetitive and boring. I often find myself queuing for Stonetroll and Phoenix Gate only to simply mix things up.

When the teams are fighting instead of turtling, Mourkain Temple can be an enormous amount of fun. The temple is a fun place to fight, and frantically trying to grab the artifact from each other can be very exciting. It is almost tragic that the artifact does not reset every time it is dropped. One simple change could make this a really amazing and extremely fun scenario.

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