Creating Your Forces of Destruction Toon: The Dark Elves

The Dark Elves

The evil kin of the High Elves, this group was banished from the lands that they shared for centuries when their leader, the powerful Witch King Malekith, tried to take the throne of the Phoenix King. Now, the Dark Elves struggle against the High Elves for the lands that they covet and long to return to. Because of this reason, they hold a strong, hateful grudge against the High Elves and have been sword to slay them all before the war is over. This army offers you three different career paths to choose from: the Witch Elf, the Sorceress, or the Disciple of Khaine.

The Witch Elf

This extremely powerful and beautiful creature searches through the lands for anything even resembling their righteous foes, the High Elves. They can easily sneak up and strike without warning, doing major damage to anything that they come across. The Witch Elf is the tanking career for the Dark Elves, and they prove it with both the power that they wield and the dark magic that they can call upon when they feel the need. They are extremely quick in battle and graceful when it comes to killing a foe quickly. They also are the masters of many potions and elixirs that help to strengthen their abilities and give them even more of an edge over anyone who opposes them.

The Sorceress

This career path is one to be reckoned with. With the destructive use of their dark magic skills, they are able to do massive damage and cause major pain to their foes quickly. They are able to gather to them all of the dark magic that then allows them to unleash their fury into those around them. Like their kin, the High Elf Archmage, they can use some of the same spells, only with different results. The Winds of Magic aren’t used to help those around them, instead they are yet another powerful tool to smite enemies. But, the Sorceress isn’t impervious to attacks and damage either. They must watch out for those massive tanks that can do them in quickly with only a few hits and get their edge in before the other has a chance to strike.

Disciple of Khaine

The support class for this army, this career path can do as much good for their friends as they can damage to their foes. While they can use the dark magic to their advantage in battle, they can use it to help heal and bless their friends with spells that can help them feel no pain or help them raise up from the dead. But, this class also can do some massive damage from afar with their powerful spells that derive from the dark god, Khaine. Meant for murdering the High Elves, the Disciple of Khaine is one evil support class that will change your mind about how support classes are played in every MMO game you play.

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