Creating Your Forces of Destruction Toon: Chaos

The Forces of Chaos

Deep in the wastelands of the north, you will find the Forces of Chaos. A group of humans who have been washed into the spells of the Gods of Chaos to do their bidding, this army is charged with wiping the Empire from the map and taking over their beautiful lands. Behind each battle that they wage against a foe is the god Tzeentch, who helps the armies of Chaos manipulate their powers to help take down anyone that stands in their way. Surrounded in these dark magics and a little insane from the power, the Forces of Chaos are those to be reckoned with in the game, no matter which of the four career paths you choose.

The Chosen

This is the main tank of the Chaos armies, and they are a massive career that loves to use their strength as much as their cunning trickery that they have learned almost from birth. They can easily slice the flesh of their foes away and then turn and use their powerful magics against them as well to cause devastating damage to them. Since they are in an ever increasing battle with their own powers, they constantly struggle with the madness that threatens to envelop them. But, don’t let this fool you. They are one of the most powerful tanks in the game and can do massive damage to anything they wish. Yet, they do have a weakness for ranged attacks and those dark magics that can slow down their attacks or strip them of their weapons.

The Marauder

This evil career path is another one that is fun to play. This is truly one of the most unique careers in the game and here is why: as you fight enemies, your blood lust will rise, giving your features and appendages the ability to grow over-proportioned until you are just a massive beast doing so much damage that it is almost unreal. Each time that you mutate into something else, there are special gifts that will be granted on your character, allowing you special buffs in game. But, just like any other tank career in game, this class is also undone by those dark magics that threaten to wipe out their ability to gain that blood lust and gain those buffs that it brings.

The Zealot

One fun support class to play, the Zealot is the master of many dark magics and alchemy. With these powerful magics at their disposal, they can easily buff their allies with special branding of Marks of Power that go directly into the skin and allow the bearer to call upon those same dark magics to help them defeat their foes. To top it off, they are master alchemists and can easily brew up some wicked potions that can bestow another major round of buffs on themselves or their allies to help defeat the forces of the Empire. While they are powerful magic wielders, they are not powerful when it comes to direct melee attacks and hand-to-hand combat.

The Magus

This powerful magic wielder has given every bit of their damned soul over to the dark gods of Chaos in return for powerful favors. This class summons and binds a daemon to them in the form of a flying disk that they ride throughout the lands upon, striking down from a great vantage point to all of those who dare oppose them. They also gain the ability to summon vile creatures that will help to strike down foes that come their way. These powerful magic wielders are one of the funnest DPS careers to play in the game and make for one fun way to explore the lands. Beware though, although they are strong magic wielders, they cannot take on too much direct damage from hand-to-hand combat.

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