Creating Your Forces of Destruction Toon: The Greenskins

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The Bloody Sun Boyz (Greenskins)

Named for the green-color of their skin, the Greenskins are some of the meanest, more fierce fighters in all of the game. This group is split into two different races: the huge, powerful Orcs and the cunning, intelligent Goblins. Both sides of this army offer some great career paths for you to choose from that will help you wage war on the “stunties” (Dwarves) and help the Greenskins take over the lands that they call home.

The Black Orc

This is the only Orc career path that you can take in the game, but have no fear. This is also the strongest tank that you’ll find as well. Not only can they smash an enemy with few blows from their massive “choppas”, they can also take some major damage as well. These powerful Orcs also make up the ruling party of the Bloody Sun Boyz and lead the rest of their races into battle with fierce battle cries and massive damage to the enemy. They are allowed to wear the highest rated armor in the game, carry massive two-handed weapons or monstrous one-handed weapons with a huge shield, and they can use them all to their advantage – even if this means playing dirty. But, don’t let their huge size and attack power fool you, they are still vulnerable to ranged attacks and dark magic can strip them of their weapons.

The Squig Herder

Like some classes in other MMORPG games, the Squig Herder has a powerful pet that they comtrol in battle that will do some massive damage to foes. While the goblin Squig Herder isn’t the most powerful in the group, he isn’t the dumbest either. They use their cunning and intelligence to train their different squigs in some of the most savage attack techniques that will allow them to win no matter what the odds. After they send their evil squigs into battle, the herder can then sit back and do some major damage from afar with their bows. This class isn’t really made for close up, hand-to-hand combat, so you will have to beware when you find yourself in melee battles or if you lose your squig.

The Shaman

The next Goblin career path is the healer/support class for the Greenskins – the Shaman. While surrounded by the dark magics they derive from their Greenskin gods, Mork and Gork, the Shaman has the abilities to use their dark magic to their advantage by healing friends and wiping out enemies. They have the smarts to be able to use this magic to accomplish many things in game, and this is a good class for those who love to play support or healers in other games as this one can do some great damage with ranged, magic attacks as well as heal their friends.


The Bloody Sun Boyz are one great army to fight for. Not only are they tough and strong, they do have a funny side to them in game as well. So, for anyone who wants to feel the raw power of the Black Orc or the cunning and evil of the goblins, then this is the army for you.

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