Creating A Great Forces of Order Toons: The High Elves

The High Elves

A very disciplined and ancient race, the High Elves are steeped in the ancient magics that help to keep their race noble and their lands beautiful. Throughout the centuries, they have nurtured their beautiful kingdom into the splendidly wonderful area that it is today – but their foes, the Dark Elves, long to have what the High Elves call home. So, this race of noble people are in a constant battle with these dark forces for the rights to their lands and the magic that they control.

The Swordmaster

One of the strongest tanks in the game, the High Elven Swordmaster is one smart cookie. While they are deadly with any type of blade, they also carry a very high intelligence that helps them to combine their attacks with magical abilities and special movements that will allow them to gain the most from the least amount of attack moves. They are extremely powerful and graceful, and can best any foe that they come across. But, they are still vulnerable to ranged attacks and dark magics, so you will have to watch out for these two areas when you play this tank career.

The Archmage

The healer/support class for the High Elves is the Archmage. But, don’t let this title fool you! They are extremely powerful in battle as well, as they have the abilities to do some great ranged magical damage as well. This career is one of the most intelligent and powerful magic wielders in the game and they use their skills with deadly advantages. They can easily call upon their magics and use their Wind of Magic to heal even the most serious wounds from friends and allies from far off, while still allowing them to fight from afar with ranged magical attacks as well. But, you must be extremely careful when playing this career path as this is not a direct melee career and you will have to practice a careful balance of both self-healing and attacking to maintain yourself in hand-to-hand combat.

The Shadow Warrior

Want to play a rogue-type Forces of Order toon? Well, here you go. The Shadow Warrior has been able to hone their ambush and stealth skills over many centuries that have allowed them to become one of the best warriors in the lands. They can easily strike swiftly with their blades or from afar with their powerful bows. When used together, their melee skills and their stealthy attacks can mean the demise of anyone that they come up against. You will have to be careful for those dark magic careers that can strip you of your weapons though, losing your weapon in battle can mean sudden death if you aren’t careful.

The White Lion

This is the hunter type career for those who are coming over from World of Warcraft – although you don’t get to choose and train your pets. The White Lion is another tank career here in WAR that offers you a great war lion as a pet and fighting companion. After training these massive war lions in the wars, the White Lions never lost that sense of soloing through life with their massive friends. So, they are content to roam the lands, fighting off the Forces of Destruction, and helping the High Elves from afar. This career has no healing abilities, but with their ferocious lion at their side, they are perfect for those who love solo play instead of a more group-oriented feel.

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