Want To Create A Great Forces of Order Toon in The Empire? Here's How!

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The Empire

The Empire is the “good” human side of Warhammer Online. Formed by the descendants of Sigmar, they are a powerful race who can easily use their natural resources to their advantages – either in battle or in magical powers. But, they do have a serious battle that is constant with the Forces of Chaos, the “bad” human side of the game. With their constant struggle for power and the lands that they love, the Empire offer three great careers: the Bright Wizard, the Witch Hunter, and the Warrior Priest.

The Bright Wizard

Want to learn how to control fire and use it to incinerate those who dare to oppose you and the Empire? Then the Bright Wizard is for you. This career path offers some great DPS abilities, especially those awesome blazing flames that you can summon from deep inside and bring the forces of Chaos to their knees. The Bright Wizard relies on the power of fire and the magic that they draw from the Seven Keys, and they can easily scorch any foe. But, they have to be careful when it comes to using their powers as the magic can actually turn on the user and incinerate you as well. This career path cannot take much straight on melee damage, as they are more of a DPS class, so use caution when you are in hand-to-hand combat with a foe.

The Witch Hunter

A powerful opponent, the Witch Hunter is skilled, ruthless, and deadly to the forces of Chaos that dare show their faces around them. With their mastery in swords and guns, they are already formidable foes, but they also have the ability to use Holy Water, blessed ashes, and other holy relics to do away with those forces of evil that they come across that dare to use dark magic on them. While this is the tanking career for the Empire, they aren’t completely invulnerable to ranged attacks and dark magic. So, if you choose to play the Witch Hunter, make sure that you keep your eyes open for those who would attack from afar.

The Warrior Priest

The support career for the Empire, the Warrior Priest is one that can take care of themselves as well. While not quite a full healer, they can be a great asset to any group as they can be a back up tank or a support healer as well. Based in the Cult of Sigmar, the Warrior Priest is charged with upholding the vision of Sigmar and delivering aid to their friends and allies. But, you must constantly be on the lookout for those who oppose the Empire, such as the forces of Chaos, so that you aren’t struck down trying to aid a friend. While this class is able to use melee attacks, they are not a tanking class, and you need to make sure that you can quickly heal yourself in a fight if you wish to stay alive.


Those who choose the side of the Empire will find that they can easily overcome the odds if they simply pay attention to their surroundings and help their friends and allies. No matter which career path you choose, the Empire offers great chances to fight the forces of evil at every turn.

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