How To Choose a Career For Your Toon In Oathbearers In Warhammer Online

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The Oathbearers

The Dwarven armies have banded together to form this proud faction of the Oathbearers, an elite group of fighting men and women that hold the front lines against the horrific Greenskins. With their superior engineering skills and their abilities to design siege weapons and other massive weapons to use against the Forces of Destruction. Don’t let their size fool you though, the Dwarves are a stout bunch, with hardened muscles and great endurance against the elements and the Greenskins. Playing for the Oathbearers offers you three career paths: the Engineer, the Ironbreaker, and the Rune Priest.

The Engineer

This is the expert on munitions, explosives, and guns that helps to swing the battle in their favor. While you have to learn your skills well and learn to manipulate what you can in your favor, this career path is a great one for ranged combat attacks. They have the ability to aim with deadly accuracy or lob grenades or other explosives at their enemies, without being seen at all. The explosives and artillery are the most powerful of your weapons as an Engineer and you will easily learn to use them to your advantage in battle. But, the downfall to this career path is that you aren’t going to be as good as the Ironbreaker and you cannot take as much damage, so you have to beware of the enemies around you and watch your back.

The Ironbreaker

This is the tank career for the Oathbearers. The Ironbreaker is one mean Dwarf, and can strike with deadly accuracy with their massive maces and swords. You will be the one in the heat of the battle, face to face with the massive Greenskins as you race into battle to defend your homelands – and your friends. You can take the hits and deal them out at the same time, without worrying too much about your health. But, when it comes to ranged attacks and those dark magic dealers, you need to be on the ever vigilant watch as these two careers can mean your downfall.

The Runepriest

What army would be complete without a healer? Well, the Oathbearers don’t lack them either. The Runepriests are the Dwarven healers that are masters of blessing their friends and allies, and can do some great damage to those who oppose them as well. With the power of the ancient runes behind you, you will find that you can do some great ranged damage in battle and still be able to heal and buff up your friends. The downfall of this career though is that you cannot take on much melee action, and if you aren’t careful, this will mean your demise.


When you take a look at these classes for the Oathbearers, you’ll find that they are all sturdy and strong and able to stand up in a fight – no matter what their size. For those who love to play Dwarves in other games, then this is the way to go. For those who love to be Engineers and have access to tons of explosives and other ranged items, then the Oathbearers are for you as well. And, for those who just love to deal out the damage – hit the Ironbreaker hard.

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