Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Walkthrough - Part III: The Weapon

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Walkthrough - Part III: The Weapon
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Chapter 9: The Weapon

Titus battles to Kalkys, but what is the Psychic Scourge? The clue is in the name.

The Valkyrie battle is straightforward enough. You can detach the plane’s turret to give yourself some manoeuvrability, or you can simply disengage from the turret when stormboyz try to board from the back. Either way works. I get the feeling the game would have been much harder if there had been any stormboyz while you were on the ground.

With the Valkyrie forced down, Titus calls his lady friend, 2nd Lieutenant Mira for a ride. He’ll have to go to her, since she’s not his taxi. Some Orks will turn up in a tight corridor, so you can dispatch them at your leisure. Use grenades to take out groups. Then just follow the objective markers to hop on another Valkyrie. After you’re dropped off there should be a ruined bridge next to an Ork Rok. To the left of that bridge is a cave with the log ‘Worker Nathaniel 3/5’.

Further down you’ll have a choice of your favorite melee weapons, so pick your favorite and then meet up with Drogan. Press on forward. Soon you’ll be met by da boyz, so deal with the sniping shootaz then get ride of everyone else. When you approach the bridge, to the right are more boyz and some grenades.

Continue on. More Orkz will barrel toward you from far off, so take them out from a distance if you can. You’ll have to deal with a group of slugga nobz, as many as five or six. Your squad makes this somewhat easier, but you might have to roll a lot. There’ll be a servo skull in front of the wreckage of the crashed ship (Medicae Station Ventris 5/5). The chance to switch weaponry again will come up, but each will work in its own way. When you come to a bridge, another battle will trigger. You can snipe Orks before engaging in close combat, since they are some ways away, so do that. Proceed along that path and you’ll find yourself in an ideal position for picking off foes from range.

After crossing another bridge, you’ll need to dispatch the rokkit boy toward the back, because otherwise you’ll be annoyed and we don’t want that. A slugga mega nob will approach; your best option is to soften him up at range since bad things will happen to you if you let him hack away at you in melee.

Cross the bridge and take the right path when it branches. Fight and run and fight and run..

Move to the large door and prepare yourself for the pleasure of becoming the inquisitor’s glorified bodyguard. Not pictured is Dorgan’s constant insistence that you get him a latte. Take the Thunder Hammer for the easiest, most righteous time.

While the first wave is simple, the second adds in ‘ard boyz, which really, nobody asked for. The third has you taking on multiple slugga mega nobz, which is why you really want the hammer if you don’t want to perfect the subtle ballet of dodging and stunning attacks before screaming aloud because you got killed again. After this, proceed to the next checkpoint.

Follow Drogan around. Or have him follow you, whichever. Move down the ramp to engage in another production of ‘Ork & Squig Theatre’. Some rokkit boyz will be further down the path and gunning for you. Keep going after they’re done with. Left of the ramp that leads out of the canal will be the servo skull containing ‘2nd Lt. Mira’s Log 3/5’. Head up the ramp and move into the pipes. Drop down to the end the chapter.

Chapter 10: House of Secrets

Titus can finally dispense with the power source he’s been lugging around. Good news! Sort of.

Proceed forward, a conversation about the labs defenses will take place, which will lead to shooting some turrets once you pass through the door. There are ammo and weapons. Go through the next door. Shoot more turrets. Your next objective is to go to the central security room to shut down the turrets. Run forward, destroy turrets. Bet you’re glad there’s a walkthrough for this.

Shoot even more turrets. If you go forward and to the right of the branching path, there’ll be an audio log (Transmechanic Petronius 3/5). Head to the objective marker. Past the door are more turrets. Shoot them. The door on the right leads to the exit.

Follow the markers. A support pod will be in front of you. Take the Kraken Bolter upgrade. To get to the firing core, you’ll have to take the door on your left once its controls show green, then open a further door. Turrets? Meet Kraken Bolter. Shortly after Drogan finishes speaking of his experiments, you should come to a chamber highlighted in red. Follow where it leads to a single turret. Underneath that turret will be a servo skull containing the log for ‘Transmechanic Petronius 4/5’.

This is your objective.

Continue forward through the door at the end of the room of the chamber that you were in before the servo skull detour. Continue forward, then left, dealing with any turrets. Open the door you come to, and then follow the marker through more doors. Eliminate the turrets protecting the command room. Open the door to get access to more ammo and a purity seal from a support pod. This purity seal unlocks Supreme Fury, which boosts the amount of Fury you generate per kill.

With the security down, Orks will finally be able to get in. Using your new Supreme Fury, you should be able to mow through them. Next you’ll need to place the power source into the power core. Before you do that, look to the burning door on the right that the Orks entered through. The log for ‘Drogan’s Journal 2/10’ will be there. Then you’ll have to restart the array. Then you are finished with this chapter.

Chapter 11: Point of No Return

Chapter 11 teaches the importance of caution when activating things with names like ‘Psychic Scourge’.

From the firing platform’s lift you’ll be immediately ambushed. Deal with the boyz and follow the markers to the console.

Proceed to the main control console to fire the Psychic Scourge. Head up a level and the switch on the left.

Grimskull will make another appearance and some stuff will happen. Interesting stuff, for a change. Basically, the Psychic Scourge did help to get rid of the Orks, but it’s the equivalent of getting rid of a rat problem by unleashing nuclear powered sharks into your home. And those sharks eat souls.

Uh oh.

It’s time to get out while you can. You’ll be set upon by Bloodletter daemons of Khorne (The Blood God, He Who Sits on a Throne of Skulls). They’re vulnerable to melee, the true test of a warrior! Although you can shoot them, but if you’re too trigger happy they’ll use their supernatural speed to warp away. So you’ll most likely end up in melee anyway. Your squadmates exercise perfect fire control however, as the daemons won’t phase out when they shoot at them. Follow the objective marker to push open the door.

You’ll be greeted by a huge battle between Orks and Bloodletters. Get involved! Be proactive! Shift the paradigm, and use it to murder everybody. When you’ve done that, trigger the switch on the map’s far end to escape and the chapter.

This concludes part 3 of the walkthrough, but be sure to come back again for Part 4 as we learn just how angry Chaos makes Titus. Hint: He’s kind of relaxed about the whole thing.


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