Warharmmer 40,000: Space Marine Walkthrough - Killing Nemeroth the Prince of Daemons

Warharmmer 40,000: Space Marine Walkthrough - Killing Nemeroth the Prince of Daemons
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Chapter 15: Prince of Daemons

This chapter is mostly running and killing. Something like a marathon foot race for murderers.

Take the ammo and board the lift. A servo skull for log ‘Drogan’s Journal 8/10’ will be in plain sight. Arm yourself as desired from the array of weapons.

You’ll be treated to a wave of traitor guard, who will spontaneously become home to Bloodletters, as is the fashion. There’s a tainted psyker knocking around, so knock it down. Follow the markers after this.

Another psyker duel lies in wait. Continue on.

Move into the ruins and prepare to battle renegades and traitor marines. Renegades will pop up as you follow the markers. Show them the price of heresy. Look for the broken pipe on your right, as you near the exit that leads outside. Inside the pipe will be the audio log ‘Worker Nathaniel 5/5’.

A host of daemons are arrayed against you here. Descend onto them. Once defeated, the force field barring the way will vanish. Go through it.

Continue forward and dispatch more Bloodletters. Walk forward to obtain another audio log (‘Under Attack 2/3’). Eliminate the psyker and ascend the stairs. Engage the lift to finish the chapter.

Chapter 16: Spire of Madness

In the grim darkness of this chapter, there is only war! And some other things.

Move in a general forward direction.

Progress across the bridge killing anything in your way. Neutralize the rogue psyker so your battle brothers can progress.

These guys turn up for some reason.

More killing and running, but on a grander scale! Commandeer the nearby Autocannon to unleash the fury (and not Fury) on the tainted psykers that warp in, as well as the troublesome Blight Drones. Sprint to the Thunderhawk to be on your way. To battle!

With your assault armaments of the Jump Pack and Thunder Hammer, you are ready to jet stomp and power bash your way to victory. The hammer will obliterate most enemies with ease, Bloodletters, for example are very susceptible to it. Use your mobility to traverse the platforms.

Take the grenades and turn to reach the servo skull of audio log ‘Inquisitor Drogan 9/10’. Continue on.

A Chaos Marine will be shooting at you from a high platform. Jump there and exact the price of betrayal. The same platform will have the audio log for ‘Inquisitor Drogan 10/10', so be sure to collect it. Advance toward a broken staircase, then jump over it. Your pack will run out of fuel shortly after.

They’re everywhere.

Keep going forward, through the door. Destroy the Blight Drone, then go right to collect the log for ‘Under Attack 3/3**’**. Head left after this and keep running.

Lots of Chaos forces ahead. Nothing more to it than to neutralize them and push on. A tainted psyker will appear last, so do him in. Go up the stairs until you can activate the lift, then run like this game’s progress depends on it.

You’ve come to the chapter’s end. What awaits you is the final battle.

Chapter 17: Man Against Daemon

In this final chapter, Titus finally faces Lord Nemeroth, in the midst of his daemonic ascension. Can Titus stop him in time? He’ll have to face Nemeroth’s personal retinue first.

The first part of the upcoming battle is choosing the weapons you’ll be taking. A lascannon and melta are the ideal ranged weapons here, because you’ll need to snipe inaccessible ranged foes often and soften up tough enemies before they can engage you in melee. It’s also ideal for groups. This battle is one of the game’s most challenging moments and there’s no saving until it’s concluded, so it helps to be prepared

Approaching Nemeroth will trigger the first wave after a conversation. This is a straightforward battle against Bloodletters. You can thin them down fairly easily with the pistol or Kraken Bolter. Their love of sticking together makes them vulnerable to grenades. There’s no room for true friendship in the grim darkness of the far future. Be aware that shooting them too much will result in them warping away and dispersing.

The Second Wave

The second wave will yield a mix of ‘tactical’ pattern Chaos Marines and at least a platoon of renegade militia. Use the cover that the boxes on the left of the arena entrance provide. This will give you some protection from both directions, which is ideal, since being caught between multiple firing trajectories is death in this wave. If the chance to snipe a traitor marine arises, do so. Otherwise, thin down the humans first and isolate the CSM. The lascannon is most efficient, but Kraken Bolter headshots are reliable, though time-consuming. This is only recommended if you are not visible to any marine that you aren’t shooting at. Be wary of grenades, you’ll need to avoid them, but you must not expose yourself to both sides of the wave longer than you have to, so seek cover as soon as you can.

The Third Wave

Snipe for victory!

The third wave will be challenging as it consists of two tainted psykers and a Bloodletter pack. You’ll have to avoid the psychic attacks, but you can’t just hide behind cover as the daemons will hound you there.

The best way to approach this is to remove the psykers first, or you’ll have the pleasure of your health being drained by their attacks while you carry out executions, which is most frustrating. Return to your previous box haven and shimmy to the left so you can spy the elevated platform to the left of Nemeroth. The boxes will block the right side. Psykers will appear on both sides of Nemeroth. They’ll appear in turn, so snipe one, then when the first one is dispatched, adjust your view to the other side of the boxes to take out the other. Marksman Mode is a useful tool for dealing with the psykers. The Bloodletters that follow shouldn’t be any trouble.

The Fourth Wave

Turns out Chaos is flame retardant.

The fourth wave is solely melee, including two aspiring Chaos champions with Demon Mauls and another Bloodletter pack. Melta blasts are especially useful here as it will both obliterate the entire group of daemons in a single shot, should they all be in range, as well as strip the armour off of the champions and slow them down. Fury will also allow you to execute them without a struggle.

Once this last wave is ended, the game will save.

Gifts of Chaos

It’s a good look for him.

While you’ve been busying yourself with his minions, Nemeroth has undergone his transformation into a daemon prince at least partway. There isn’t much to this fight other than following the button prompts for quick time events, so keep your eyes open and it shouldn’t be any challenge.

During the freefall, it’s possible to use the Bolter to shoot Nemeroth. The QTEs will only commence once Titus catches up with him.

Ultramarines are experts in The Emperor’s Facial Massage.

After some brawling, you’ll have to furiously button mash to escape Nemeroth’s grip. Be as quick as possible, as your health will decline periodically while in his grip, every few seconds or so. Once Titus breaks free, the ranged segment begins again, only with the addition of Nemeroth firing back with his warp magicks, or in-built firework launchers, or whatever it is. Keep moving around to avoid this. The fight will continue cycling between the ranged/melee/grip phases until the final blow is struck.

Once that has happened, The Emperor’s Finest will have prevailed, as will you, as you’ll have completed Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, with a little help from this Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Walkthrough. But at what cost? AT WHAT COST?!


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  • All information based on author’s experience with Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

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