Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Walkthrough - Part I: Planetfall

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Walkthrough - Part I: Planetfall
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Welcome to the Grim, Dark Future

Welcome to the first part of this Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine walkthrough. Whether you want to find servo skulls or need a hint on how to best do away with those pesky Orks (and this galaxy used to be such a nice neighbourhood), you’ve come to the right place.

Chapter 1: Planetfall

This is the walkthrough for Chapter 1: Planetfall of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. Unsurprisingly, you’re making planetfall in this chapter. Chapter 1 is a tutorial, but we all have to start somewhere.

In this chapter, Captain Titus, leads his squad into a daring strike from the sky with jump packs, as fellow squad members frown as superhumanly hard as they can. Stupid Leandros.

The section that follows the cut scene will have you slicing up greenskins with your trusty combat knife as you familiarize yourself with the controls. Those playing on hard mode will want to avoid getting swarmed by grots (gretchin) and such. Back away, take head shots with the bolt pistol to avoid wasting ammo, execute when enemies are isolated and you won’t be mobbed.

To rotate is to be great.

Next, you’ll need to shoot fuel tanks to blow up some pipes, so you may advance. Shoot the explosives to take out all of the shoota boyz at once, or just shoot them individually, whichever. Kill the Orks that follow and enjoy the cut scene that follows once you step far enough.

Now you’ll have to disable the Ork ship. To do this, you’ll need to kill the Orks who politely disagree with your prescribed actions. Try to avoid their grenades with combat rolls, or combat baguettes if you bought the Boulangerie DLC (no, not really). Next, rotate the turret and you’re done.

Chapter 2: Against All Odds

Travel through the wreckage and eliminate the Gretchin mob that comes your way. Shoot the isolated slugga, then shoot the explosives to open a path. Collect the audio log by the corpse; that’s the floaty skull thing (Workshift Log 1/5).

Proceed through the archway and eliminate the Ork next to the support pod. The Bolter is waiting for you. Some Orks will turn up to ruin this moment, so show them what-for.

Keep going forward until you reach a checkpoint.

Continue forward to rejoin with Leandros, which will lead to the game’s first real challenge. Use the Bolter on the sniping Orks, do what you like with the Orks in reach, I’m not your mother. There’s some ammo around if you need it. And take a scarf, it’s cold.

A second wave will follow from the balconies. Kill the ranged Orks above if you feel you must, only the grounded ones need to die to trigger the fight’s end. Roll to avoid ranged gunfire when needed.

After killing the Gretchin, continue outside. There’s an audio log in front of Titus after a conversation with Leandros, so pick it up (Guardsman’s Journal 1/5). Proceed through the trenches and fulfil your destiny by protecting the guardsmen nearby. After the enemies’ defeat is a cut scene.

Run into the trench the guardsmen have conveniently opened for you, it’s shiny and blue (much like Ultramarines). Run forward until you reach some stairs that lead outside. Sidonus will contact you, after which you should follow the sounds of gunfire until you reach him in person.

The Trenches

The Ultramarines elected not to help Guardsman Larry find his contact lens.

Now to reach the command bunker. Fulfill your destiny and grab the chainsword for maximum glory. A green mob will assail you, so put some bolt rounds into neutralize upper level shootas and chainsword anyone who gets close as you move through the trench. Take a right when you reach the fork in the trench. You’ll be introduced to suicide critter, the bomb squig.

You should see two dead Imperial Guard troopers. To the right is some ammo behind a flammable object (red explodey things). Get back to the guardsmen bodies and take the higher ground. There’ll be bomb squigs in the trenches below you. Shoot them at a distance. Next, there’ll be bomb squigs and gretchin, shoot the squig to take care of the whole group.

After the Ork ship flies by, pick up the grenades from the ammo stash and either use them or the explosives to get rid of the oncoming shoota wave. This should lead to another Ork wave. Go left to the sealed door; nearby a group of guardsmen will be making a desperate stand. Impress them by dispatching Orks with ranged weapons. Use the chainsword if the bloodlust takes you, but you will be constantly under Ork fire, so your armour will suffer and may not get the chance to regenerate.

One wave is succeeded by another, this time the Orks have brought a slugga nob (i.e. big, tough Ork). Soften him up with bolt rounds and grenades then follow-up with shoulder bash or foot stomp combos. Hack away when he’s reeling until the execution sign comes up, then get ready to struggle with him.

Looks like someone’s cranky!

After the nob is dead, run to the sealed door by the guardsmen to trigger a conversation which leads to it being opened. Proceed inside, turn left and down the stairs.

Continue forward to meet 2nd Lieutenant Mira. There’ll be a support pod to the left of the stairs. Collect the purity seal to unlock Fury. This increases your melee attack damage, and allows you to execute enemies at any time, even nobs, and constantly regenerates health. You charge Fury by performing your sworn duty (killing stuff).

The door to Mira’s right will unlock after you collect the purity seal. Follow her to the front lines. Once you get to the barbed wire, enter the second bunker, past your expected path to the objective, and pick up the third audio log (Medicae Station Ventris 1/5). Turn around and take your first left to trigger Orks making good use of their digga. Now’s the intended time to use Fury, but you can get through it without using it and it may be useful later.

Head to the ammo stash on the right, through the archway, and drop down into the complex on your left. Kill the Orks, then follow the sounds of battle to kill more Orks, picking on your guardsmen buddies. Be warned, if you shoot the explosive hazard, the guardsmen will die too, and what kind of protector of humanity would you be then, hmmm?

Go right and man the Heavy Bolter. You can tear it off its mountings, but it does overheat. If you saved the Fury from earlier and the Orks are proving troublesome, now is a good time to use it.

Head towards the building on the right and deal with the Orks. On the left is another support pod. Pick up the Stalker Bolter for some hot crosshairs on Ork action (it’s a sniper weapon with a powerful shot, but low ammo capacity). Proceed into the ruins.


Hey, let’s all look over there.

Your next objective will be to recapture the gun fortress from Ork control. To your left will be an ammo dump. Eliminate the shoota boyz as you proceed until you come upon the checkpoint.

Go right and prepare for an ambush from the high ground. Dispatch the enemy and head to ammo store opposite. Turn and pick up the audio log in front of you (2nd Lt. Mira 1/5).

Continue forward to the wreckage, dispatching any Orks along the way. Follow the fire until you see a bunker. Inside will be the chapter’s final log (Guardsman Alexander 2/5). Turn and head (to your) left from the bunker, toward the sound of Orks.

Follow the path of Gretchins to find Orks. An ammo crate is hidden behind the explosive hazard to the left. Advance toward the gun fortress. You’ll encounter a large mob of Orks when you approach the metal door in the back and it will conveniently unlock when they’re all dead.


Go through the door, you’ll cross a checkpoint. Move down the ramp to the left and activate the door there. An assault support pod will be in front of you, complete with Jump Pack. The Stalker Bolter won’t work with it on, but that’s fine since you become an airborne pain delivery system.

You’ll need the pack to reach the higher ground. Fly over the door to get there. Use your abilities to get to vantage points and let your fellow Ultramarines deal with the ground Orks. Or stomp on them from above. That works. If they bunch together you can take them all out with a single ground pound. The Codex Astartes refers to this as “The Emperor’s Efficiency”.

You’ll need to reach the higher platforms to take out the shoota and rokkit boyz, so do that, as they’re annoyingly effective. You can avoid their fire if you have to by flying out of rocket blast radii with a Jump Pack boost.

Go through the door at the hall’s end. This is the chapter’s final big fight, so prepare yourself. Your squadmates are invulnerable, so use them as a diversion if you must. It’s a good way to draw Orks into a convenient, squashable group. Use your mobility to outflank the Orks and you should have no trouble.

Follow the wiring to the next battle. You can use the nearby explosive hazards to eliminate the shoota boyz and save the pounding for the Orks on the ground level. Once you’ve murdered the room thoroughly enough, follow the objective counter to where there is little room for your Jump Pack as you proceed into the Ork Rok. Sigh.

Chapter 3: Belly of the Beast

This chapter sees our courageous Astartes put the gun fortress to the flame.

Follow the poorly earthed power lines into the cave. They’re the ones that spark. Run forward until you reach the checkpoint.

Once you’ve entered the gun fortress, move right to the ammo stash, dispatching any troublesome Gretchin. There should also be a barricade that you can detonate to get ‘Duty Log 1/5’. Go left through the newly opened door. Walk to the support pod and retrieve the Vengeance Launcher, which is a grenade launcher with remote detonation. To detonate the grenades, press the reload button. There are Orks in the rafters, but you can ignore them.

Head through the door on the left. Keep going through the doors until you reach the chapter’s first battle.

When the battle is concluded, the armoury will open ahead of you. Go inside and collect the melta bomb which you’ll be needing to complete your mission. The servo skull for ‘2nd Lieutenant Mira 2/5’ will be ahead of the armoury entrance by some ammo. After conversing with your squad mates, go back through the door you came through, where a tide of Orks will be waiting for you. The clumps they tend to stick in is ideal for the Vengeance Launcher.

When you’re done, continue down the hallway where you’ll meet more Orks. Kill them to reach a checkpoint.

Shell Storage

A bomb squig

There’s a lift by the spawn point of the last Ork wave. Activate it to reach the lower floor. When the elevator opens you’ll be met with some shoota boyz, how thoughtful.

Run down the hall until you encounter more shootas. You can use the Stalker’s scope to deal with them from afar. Don’t waste Stalker rounds on the squigs they send your way, the regular Bolter will suffice.

Proceed to the end of the hallway and go through the door. More Orks lay in wait, including some slightly more lethal sluggas. They’re susceptible to the shoulder bash on difficulties lower than hard, so use that. Otherwise, the bolter might be useful for softening them for executions. Slicing works too.

After the battle, you’ll need to place the melta charge onto an artillery shell. Activate the loader, walk up to the shell and press the activate button and push it in place. Now head back to the lift.

Shell Loading Chamber

Dispatch the Orks that seek to ambush you. As soon as you’ve opened the lift door, a group of Orks including a nob will appear. Kill them and move into the lift. Collect the ammo in the hall if you need it and open the adjacent door.

A right proper krump up is comin’. Or “big fight” if you don’t speak Ork. Use ranged attacks on inaccessible shootas. The door at the room’s end will open when no Orks are left alive.

Go through the door and take the right hand path to find more ammo. Turn and take a left and then another to the next objective. Take the lift. Plow through the grots to get to the support pod with the purity seal. It unlocks Marksman Mode, which is an upgrade to Fury. Marksman Mode will slow down time while you’re looking through your crosshairs (and Fury is active). It’s ranged Fury, basically. The door behind the pod will open. Run through to the next fight.

No more artillery for anybody.

Your comrades will realize that the Orks have removed the shell you planted earlier. Titus will order Leandros to replace it, so you’ll have to protect him. Now is the time to use Marksman Mode. A slugga nob will be the final part Ork in the tide. If you’re playing on hard difficulty, then you should dispatch the initial shootas before melee Orks turn up. Try to use headshots to maximize your effectiveness. The Vengeance Launcher works well on the sluggas, as well as the nob. Use cover to avoid shoota fire so you aren’t killed. Engage sluggas in melee behind corners to deal with them in peace.

All that remains when you prevail is to run to the objective and you’re done.

Chapter 4: Titans of Graia

Board the ram.

This chapter sees Titus’ squad attempt to secure Titan war machines before they can fall into Ork hands. This will involve boarding and commanding a ramshackle locomotive, a train that runs as part of the Ork railwaaaagh.

Proceed down the bridge until you hear from Mira, then head left. When you reach the ramp, a group of Orks will attack. Use your height on the ramp by sniping them at range with the Stalker Bolter. Shoot the explosive hazards where appropriate Ork groups appear. Any Orks you neglect will be waiting later.

Turn the corner to find the train station. You must board the ram.

Before you can do that, you’ll need to deal with more Orks. Take out the bomb squig before it gets close. More shootas await at the top of the stairs. Once there, head left, then go left again to find audio log ‘Medicae Station Ventris 2/5’. Retrace your steps, removing any Orks in the way. Halfway across the bridge, more grots will turn up.

Travel down the stairs and then right. Eliminate the shoota boyz there before the Gretchin train pulls up. Now boarding to Chainswordville. Board the train, proceed left, shoot the bomb squig and run forward.

Kill the Orks that are laying in wait, then head up the ramp to trigger the checkpoint.

Stop That Ram!

Hmm yes, plenty of dakka here.

Open the doors in front of you and move through them. Collect the ammo and open the third door. You are now aboard the train. Please take all of your belongings with you when you depart. Continue along the train, dispatching any Orks along the way. The Vengeance Launcher will take out the small groups you’ll come across easily.

You wouldn’t want the Orks getting their hands on one of these.

Keep this up until you see a turret spouting blue energy. It’s a plasma cannon, which Orks don’t traditionally use, I might add. Maybe they looted it? Move up the stairs to get to the cannon mount. Tear it off its moorings. Use it to take down the Ork gunship.

The ship will swoop above you and flank you with rear and side attacks, so ripping the plasma cannon off its mount is essential for mobility. Holding fire will let you fire a charged shot, though the gunship will make it difficult to land these with the amount it moves.

Use cover to avoid being mown down. The gunship will drop Ork slugga mobs periodically, including nobz. Give ‘em a taste of old blue. Keep pumping plasma into the gunship, and it will eventually go down, along with the first part of this walkthrough.

Be sure to be back in time for part two, as Titus uncovers the mystery of The Inquisitor!


  • All screenshots and references from Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
  • Image credit: Space Marine Wiki

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