Free Uncharted 2 Walkthrough – Finding All Of The Uncharted 2 Treasures In Uncharted 2 Among Thieves In Chapter 1 and 2

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

With a new action movie in the works based on the Uncharted video games, you might want to start brushing up on your skills. In the sequel to Uncharted, there is much better game play, better graphics, and so much more to discover. And, there are some absolutely awesome treasures to uncover. But, here’s the trick – some of them are downright hard to find.

So, I figured that a sweet little Uncharted 2 walkthrough to help you find all of the different Uncharted 2 treasure just might help some of you out. Plus, you’ll gather them all up and gain the unlockable for them! You don’t have to thank me now…

Chapter 1 In Uncharted 2

uncharted 2 box

Let’s start off where you’ll start off, in Chapter 1 of the game. Here is where you’ll need to go, or look, to find these 5 Uncharted 2 treasure troves.

The first one is a Wrathful Deity Statue, and you will find it just to the right of where you get off the train at the very beginning of the game.

The second one is a Saraswati Statue, and you need to be on the watch for it right after you pick up the first gun in Uncharted 2 that you come to. After you pick this gun up, you need to simply turn around to your right, and there it will be.

The third Uncharted 2 treasure is a Tibetan Snuff Bottle. This one is in an odd place, and here’s where you’ll need to go to find it – after you go through the very first car on the train, (after you’ve gotten your gun and the second Uncharted 2 treasure), take a gander upwards. You will see (for some odd reason) a dead mob sticking out of the train right above where you are standing. Shoot the dead guy again, and you’ll collect the treasure. (See, without this, would you have known that this Uncharted 2 treasure was there?)

uncharted 2 ss1

The fourth Uncharted 2 treasure is a Bhutanese Lime Box and you will find this one after your first real mob fight in the game. After that fight, you’ll be climbing up into the next part of the train and there will be a small part where you’ll have to jump across. After you do, move straight and head to the cargo container that is directly in front of you, you’ll see the Uncharted 2 treasure in the snow on the ground.

The last treasure here is a Ghau Amulet Thogchag and it’s weird to find as well. Here is the best way that I can explain it: when you get up after you watch the video with Drake in his room, you have to again jump to another part of the train. When you get onto that car, turn your toon around, and head to the end of that part of the train. Be extremely careful that you don’t fall off here, there is a small opening that is easy to miss and don’t fall back into the one you just came up out of. You’ll find this Uncharted 2 treasure at the end of the train car, in the cab.

On To The Next Area

Now that you’ve found all of the Uncharted 2 treasure pieces in Chapter 1, it’s time to move on…

Chapter 2 in Uncharted 2

uncharted 2 ss2

Now that you’ve uncovered the first five Uncharted 2 treasure pieces, let’s move on to the next chapter in the game. Here there are actually ten different Uncharted 2 treasure pieces to find, so you’ll be happy to have a walkthrough to help you out:

The first Uncharted 2 treasure piece that you will find is the Byzantine Gold Coin. This one is in the boiler room. When you get in this room, simply look around and you’ll find a box with a shovel and pick axe on it. You will find the coin with this box.

The second one is the Glass Evil Eye, yes, evil eye… You’ll start to look for this one when Drake says to you "Ok, this is the way to the courtyard". After he says that, you simply turn and you’ll see a small catwalk, that’s a kind of yellow color, and take the ladder down to it. The evil eye is on the catwalk.

The third Uncharted 2 treasure is the Ottoman Ring. You will find this one after you have to hide from the guards. When you leave that area, you’ll see an area where there are tons of museum pieces and you will find this beautiful ring on one of the statues that will be on your right side when you get to the door that leaves that part of the game. If you find the locked door that has an alarm on it, you’ve gone too far and you need to go back.

uncharted 2 ss3

The next treasure is the Silver Amulet Box in Chapter 2. This one is harder to explain, but it’s after the area of the game where Flynn goes to the right while you go to the left path. When you are on that path, you’ll have to kill a guard to continue going, and when you get to the end of that part of the path, you need to drop down. When you land, there is a flower bed below you where you’ll find this Uncharted 2 treasure. If you reach the alarmed gate before you find this, you’ve gone too far and again, go back.

The fifth Uncharted 2 treasure is the Silver Belt Buckle and it is pretty easy to find. When you get to the fountain in the courtyard, it’s just hanging from one of the leaves on the fountain. Really, if you miss this one, you need to quit playing.

The sixth Uncharted 2 treasure in Chapter 2 is the Ivory Chess Knight. When you get the tranquilizer gun, you’ll be on some rafters in the room. Get yourself in line with the bean that will be on the right side. You’ll find the knight on the second window sill on the right side of the beam that’s the farthest away from you. Be careful getting this one.

The seventh treasure in Uncharted 2 is the Ottoman Bracelet and one of the harder ones to get. When you get up to the roof tops, you will get to a part of the area where Flynn will toss you a rope so that you can get across to the side of the building. When you get there, drop down and kind of shimmy to the back of the building where there is a drainage pipe. Drop down the pipe and just hang onto it from the front of the pipe and you’ll get the treasure. It’s hard getting out of this part, so be careful that you don’t fall.

uncharted 2 ss4

The eighth treasure is the Anitque Pocket Watch. And, it’s kind of in a color-coded area. After you take out the guard with your tranquilizer gun, you will jump to a green roof top. You stay on that roof and follow it around the building that will then be on your right side. Once you get a little bit past where that building stops, look up to the left. There will be a red banner and you’ll see the watch hanging next to the banner. You can’t get over to it, but just shoot it and it will collect it for you.

The ninth Uncharted 2 treasure is the Antique Pipe. This one you’ll find after Flynn just leaves you to either go to prison or die. You have to run like everything to the closed gate where there are three guards and right to the left of the gate, you’ll see a small area with a lion head coming out of it. The Antique Pipe is just under the lion’s head.

The tenth treasure in this chapter of Uncharted 2 is a Jeweled Bracelet. This one you’ll find down in the sewers. You’ll be running from some guards here and you’ll come into a room that has tons of pipes in it. The bracelet is next to a pipe that is directly across from the door exiting the room on the far side of the room.

The Uncharted 2 Treasure Hunt Continues

We’ll keep going through more of the Chapters in Uncharted 2 for the treasures that you’ll need to collect as you so. Some are easy to see and find, others are so hard that it makes you wonder what the game designers were thinking. But, in the mean time, here are some other great articles that you can enjoy:

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