Overlord II for the PS3: Game Play and Story Line

Story Line (5 out of 5)

overlord box

Although the story line is basically the same as the first game, the happily evil underscore of Overlord II is even heavier in this installment. As the Overlord, you are trying to start up your evil take over from scratch, and your enemy this time around is a massive empire, similar to the Romans. My main problem with the story line in this version is that while the game itself is fun to play, the story line gets a bit ridiculous after a bit, as some of the main races are portrayed poorly. For example, the elves are basically stereotypical "hippies" and the nobles in the empire are all overweight and stuck up. While it’s funny, it gets a bit old after a while.

Game Play (4 out of 5)

In Overlord I, there were several bugs and issues that were fixed. This is a good thing, even if there are still a few that remain in the game. There is a new main Overlord in this version of the game, but this guy gets a bit impassive, so he can get boring after a while. You’ll have to learn how to release and control your minions to do your bidding, and you have to master this quickly so that you don’t get too far behind your empire take over. And, you will also have to discover all four different types of minions during your game so that you can take over more areas and use different types of attacks.

One major difference in Overlord II is the variety that you now have when it comes to possessing your minions and the more options that you have available to you with them as well. You will also have access to massive machinery such as catapults and turrets, and you’ll also be able to man your own ships to go up against the empire. So, in terms of game play overall, Overlord II is a huge step up from the first version and makes this second installment even better and more enjoyable.

Minion Upgrades (5 out of 5)

There are four different types of minions in Overlord II: browns (melee focused), greens (sneak attackers), blues (magic using), and the reds (flame throwers). There have been some great changes to the minions that you have and what they can do. Now, they can operate some of the machinery, ride horses and other mounts, sail boats and attack baby seals (I don’t know why), don disguises, and even get possessed by you. They are still as nasty as they were before, just a little bit more so now. Although they are more fun to play with now, but since the camera in the game still has a bit of shakiness to it, it can be hard to target minions and they will end up doing some funny stuff at times. But, overall, the minion upgrades are fantastic and make the game even funner.

The Bad Part (2 out of 5)

Well, as with any game, there are normally some bad areas that could have used a bit more development. In Overlord II, the camera problems and targeting your minions is the biggest problem that you’ll have to overcome. Sometimes during your game play, the camera won’t track right and you can’t get a good view. This makes it hard to target the right minion at times. While there is an auto-target, it’s hard to use as well at times, and you usually end up using a minion that you never meant to target. So, in this aspect of the game, the developers could have spent a little more time.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

As you can see from the graphical shots below, Overlord II spared no expense when it came to graphics. The game itself is downright beautiful – from the nasty lava encrusted underworlds to the snowy terrain. The detail in the armies and in the characters is amazing at times, and I found myself truly impressed by the graphics overall.

Images From Overlord II

Overall (5 out of 5)

When it comes to sequels in video games, Overlord II is a great one to try out. I would recomment that you pick it up and give it a whirl, as you won’t be sorry that you did. This is a massively fun game to play, and even with some issues with the camera and targeting, the game play and graphics more than make up for it.