PS3 Cheats for Xmen Origins Wolverine - Cheats and Unlockables For You To Know

PS3 Cheats for Xmen Origins Wolverine - Cheats and Unlockables For You To Know
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PS3 Cheats for Xmen Origins Wolverine

While there are really only a few PS3 game cheats for Wolverine, the ones that are there are pretty good. Here are the ones that you’ll want to know as you play - but entering in these PS3 cheats will disable the trophies and unlockables, so use them only if you really have to:

To double the enemy reflex points that you can gain, simply put in X, X, Square, Square, then Triangle, Triangle, then Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle again, then Square, Square and finally X, X, then R3. Yes, it’s a long cheat code but you can get double the reflex points with it.

To become invincible (you will take damage but never really die), you need to enter in these long PS3 cheats: Square, then X,X then Square again, then Triangle, Triangle, then Square once more, then Circle twice and finally Square and then R3.

Want an infinite amount of rage for combos and other needs? Enter in Triangle, Square, Square, then Triangle, Circle twice, then Triangle again, then X twice, finally Triangle and R3.

And, finally - who doesn’t love that classic yellow spandex Wolverine costume? To get it for your character, simply enter in X, then Square, then Circle, then Square, then X, then Triangle, then X again, then Triangle again, then Square, then Circle twice and finally Square and then R3.

Xmen Origins Wolverine Trophies and Unlockables

Don’t forget that if you use any of the PS3 cheats for this game, you’ll automatically disable the trophies, which are all pretty cool.

Bronze Trophies

xmen ss1

These are the easier trophies to get and you will have to get the vast majority of these to move up to Silver, Gold, and all of them to move up to Platinum.

Make 1 counter move when fighting and you’ll get the Defensive trophy.

Quickly kill 1 enemy and you’ll get Quick Killer.

Kill 1 enemy with a reflected projectile and you’ll get the Catch! Trophy.

Quick kill 3 enemies in a swift row, and you are now the Perfect Killer.

Defeat the four prototypes at Alkali Lake at the same time and you will get the Ultimate Wolverine trophy.

Manage to get six different mobs airborne at one time (this one is a bit harder to do) and you’ll get the Aerial Master trophy.

Take out six mobs at the same time with one attack, and you’ll get the Slice N' Dice trophy.

Drop 10 enemies off a high spot to kill them and you’ll get Drop Dead.

Make 10 air grabs over enemies and you will get the Aerial Assault trophy.

Take out 10 mobs using something from the environment around you and you’ll get the Environmentally Friendly.

Quick kill 20 enemies and you’l get Efficient Killer.

Light 20 different mobs on fire and you’ll get the Hot Potato trophy.

Make 25 counter moves when fighting and you will get the Untouchable trophy.

Lunge at 25 enemies to get Lunge.

Take out 25 enemies with a reflected projectile and you’ll get the Boomerang trophy.

Manage to kill 25 different ghosts with their own weapon and you will get the Shotgun Epic Fail trophy.

Take out 30 mobs by killing them with objects in the environment and you will get the Whatever it Takes trophy.

While in Beserker mode, kill 50 enemy mobs and you’ll get the Bloodlust trophy.

Kill 100 enemies to get Getting Started.

Lunge at 100 enemies to get Pounce.

While this one is gross, if you dismember 100 enemy mobs, you will get Slaughter House trophy.

While in the Beserker mode, kill 150 enemy mobs and you’ll get the Weapon X trophy.

While in Feral Sense, kill 200 enemies and you’ll get Heightened Senses.

Kill 500 enemies to get A Day’s Work.

Lunge at 250 enemies to get You Can’t Hide.

Take out 2000 enemies in the game, and you’ll get the What I Do Best trophy.

Lunge at W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype’s back and you’ll get the Piggy Back Ride trophy.

If you manage to escape from Weapon X during your fight, you’ll get the Walking Death trophy.

If you can impale your brother, Victor Creed, outside the bar in the fight, you’ll get the Stick Around trophy.

Raise one of your combat reflexes to the master level and you’ll get the Apprentice trophy.

Raise one of your mutagen levels to a level 3 and you will get the Mutant Lover trophy.

Find half of the Dog Tags in the game and you will get the Astonishing trophy. (Make sure that you check out our Dog Tag walkthrough here on Bright Hub to show you where they all are!)

Examing the sword and skeleton until you hear the echo of “Arthas” through the trees and you notice you’re cold to get the WoW! Trophy (a testament to all of your World of Warcraft lovers out there).

Get all of your upgrades maxed out (which will take you most of the game) and you’ll get the Fully Loaded trophy.

Find a mysterious hatch in the game and you’ll get the Found! trophy.

Somewhere in the game is a cake, if you find it, you get the trophy The Cake.

While you’re in the grocery store fighting with Fred Dukes, or the Blob, if you can destroy all of the items in there, you’ll get Clean Up on All Aisles trophy. (This is one of the funner trophies in the game.)

Make yourself launch and then fly through the “O” ring when you are fighting Sentinel (the boss) and you’ll get Threading the Needle.

When you are able to performs a Wolverine to Wolverine lunge, then you get the James Howlett trophy.

Silver Trophies

xmen ss2

Bump up all of the combat reflexes to the master level, you’ll get the Samurai trophy.

If you manage to find all of the Dog Tags throughout the whole game, you’ll get the Devil’s Brigade trophy.

Take out 200 different enemies with your Claw Spin and you’ll get the Blender trophy.

Beat Victor in the bar fight, and you’ll get Bar Fight trophy.

Beat David Nord, or Agent Zero, in the game and you’ll get the Helicopter Ride trophy.

Beat the Sentinel Mark I and you’ll get the Fallen Sentinel trophy.

Beat Fred Dukes, or the Blob, and you’ll get Put Up Your Dukes.

Beat Remy LeBeau, or Gambit, and you’ll get 52 Pickup trophy.

Finish up the Jungle mission in the game and you will get The Villiage trophy.

Gold Trophies

Xmen ss3

Beat Weapon 11, or Deadpool, in the game and you’ll get The Dead Pool trophy.

If you manage to completely beat the game on the Hard mode, then you’ll get the Walking Death trophy - which is the last and final trophy that you’ll get before the Platinum Trophy.

Platinum Trophy

When you have gotten all of the other trophies in the game, you will then get the Platinum trophy - and the respect of all other gamers who cannot reach this level.

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