Free PS3 Walkthroughs for Xmen Origins Wolverine: How To Find All Of The Dog Tags In Chapter Two Areas

Free PS3 Walkthroughs for Xmen Origins Wolverine: How To Find All Of The Dog Tags In Chapter Two Areas
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Chapter 2: The Frozen Tundra - Team X:

There are only 5 dog tags in this area, and here is where you’ll find them.

1. When you enter the area, make sure that you look to your right before you hit the first group of mobs. You’ll see a hidden path that will lead you straight to the first set of tags. Be careful not to miss this path, it’s hard to see.

2. When you get into the temple, you’ll find the next tags behind the biggest statue.

3. When you get to the room with the spiked ceiling, you’ll find the next set of tags.

4. When you get to the area where there are massive statues that are holding platforms, you will find your fourth set of dog tags on a pedestal right in the middle of the open area.

5. The last set in this are is right up by the top of the tower that you’ll see before you are finished with this part.

Chapter 2: The Frozen Tundra - Alkali Lake:

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Here, there are 15 different sets of dog tags that you’ll need to find before you leave this area so you don’t have to go back to find any of them.

1. When you beat the first W.E.N.D.I.G.O., you’ll find the tags after he falls.

2. Then, look by the fallen tree in this same area after the fight and you’ll find a second set.

3. Once you get away from the air strike when you are chasing the next prototype, you’ll find another set as you go.

4. When you have to push over the tower to make a bridge, before you run across, look to your right and you’ll find this fourth set.

5. In the building with the C4 in it, you’ll find this set of dog tags.

6. When you get to the fence, you’ll have to quietly kill the guard here and then move up around the trucks. When you’re by the trucks, turn to your left and you’ll find this set of tags.

7. You’ll find this sixth set of tags after you get in the building where the C4 is.

8. Then, right at the bottom of the stairs that goes under the Alkali Bridge, you’ll find the next set.

9. When you get the tags on the stairs, jump over to the next ledge and then allow yourself to fall off the edge in the front ONLY. Here, you’ll find a special platform where there is a set of tags. (***This is the hardest set to find in the whole game, and if you don’t do it before you leave this area, you may never find them.)

10. In the warehouse, right after your chopper fight, you will find a small room. You have to kick in the door and you’ll find the next set of tags. If you are having problems finding this room, it’s right next to the one with the winch controls in it.

11. Then, when you have to climb across the pipe in this area, you’ll need to grab the tags before you drop or you won’t be able to go back and get them.

12. When you have to fight the next prototype, there is a set of two trucks that are to the right of you. The tags are above these trucks.

13. When you get past the next big fight and see Nord, then you will find this set of tags at the top of the hill.

14. Right when you get up on the dam and cross it, you’ll see the tags right away.

15. Then, when Nord runs from you, and you have to lunge at the Grenadier, you’ll find the tags in the room with you.

The next part of this series will go through the areas where you find the dog tags in Chapter 3, Days of Future Beginnings.