Free PS3 Walkthroughs: How To Find All Of The Dog Tags In Chapter One In XMen Origins Wolverine

Free PS3 Walkthroughs: How To Find All Of The Dog Tags In Chapter One In XMen Origins  Wolverine
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Chapter 1 Origins: Unstoppable

In this section of the game there are 10 dog tags that you need to find. Here is where you’ll find them, in order as you go through this area:

1. When you first get into the game, right after the fight, you’ll go through the big doors and under the waterfall. You will find your first dog tags on the dead soldier behind the waterfall.

2. You’ll find the next set in the first room where you meet up with the Machette Champion.

3. The third set you’ll find at the jeep outside.

4. When you have to climb the wall near the gate to beat the mobs there, you will also have to break a bunch of boards that are blocking your way. Behind these boards you’ll find the tags that you need.

5. The next gate that you come to, you will find the next dog tags behind this gate.

6. When you get to the helicopter, there is a rope that you need to climb and you will see a dead soldier on the left ledge.

7. After you get that dog tag, there is another soldier below you and to the right that is against a gate that you can’t open. He has another set of dog tags.

8. When you learn the lunge and beat the champion that you have to fight, there is a small area to your left before you go down the ramp where you’ll find a set of dog tags.

9. When you beat the Leviathan, push the statue to the right in as far as it will go and you’ll find another set.

10. Also, when you have beaten him, climb up the vines there and bust through the cracked blocks in the entryway where you’ll find the last set in this area.

Chapter 1 Origins: Weapon X Facility

Xmen ss3

1. When you get into the facility, there is a side room where you’ll find the first set of tags here.

2. After you kill the first Elite Commando that comes at you, get on the lift and go up. Then, go into the first room on your left and you’ll find your second set of tags.

3. You’ll come to a large room that is right after the area that’s filled with fog, and in this massive room, you will find a smaller room where there is another set of tags.

4. When you get the lift console working, then ride it up and turn around to face the wall. As you go up, you’ll see the dead soldier that has the tags you need.

5. After you get out of Frost’s lab, you’ll come up against the laser turret. When you get behind the first one, there is a hallway on your right and you need to of into the last door on the right at the end of it. Here, you’ll find a locker room where this set of dog tags is as well as a health bonus.

6. When you get your healing factor back from Frost, there is a set of tags here in this room.

7. You’ll come up to a ghost room where you can’t use your feral sense to fight, there is a room to the right of this where there is another set of tags.

8. Then, when you get done with that room, there is a room to the right that you need to go in right before you get your feral sense back.

9. In the room where you regain your feral sense, after you fight the mobs that come at you, you’ll see an open cell on your right. This is where the next set of dog tags are.

10. Then, when you come up against Goliath, you will see a doorway that is opposite of where he entered at. Your next set is in this room.

11. When you have to go across the two balance beams to get out of the room, you will see a room on your left as you come up against the next set of mobs. You’ll find this set of dog tags below you.

12. And, finally, there are some crates that are in a small hallway right before the stairway that will get you to Anna and the doctor that’s holding her. You’ll find the tags behind these crates.

In the next section of this free PS3 walkthrough for Xmen Origins Wolverine, we’ll go through where all of the dog tags are in Chapter 2 so that you can easily gather them all up as you go along.