PS3 Game Reviews: Devil May Cry 4 - Does This Sequel Live Up To The Others or Should The Devil Really Go Cry?

PS3 Game Reviews: Devil May Cry 4 - Does This Sequel Live Up To The Others or Should The Devil Really Go Cry?
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Storyline (3 out of 5)

At the beginning of the game you’ll take control of the new Devil May Cry protagonist named Nero who’ve witness the murder of priest by a famous Devil May Cry character named Dante (whom you take control of later on in the game). After killing all the witnesses except you of course, Dante flees and you have no choice but to search through the game’s environment looking for Dante to finally avenge the death of Sanctus. Along the way, you’d encounter adversaries including level bosses. You’d also get the chance to peruse of Nero’s cool weapon, the Devil Bringer which is actually part of his arm. Later on, you get to use a cool gun as well. And basically that how the story goes. There are also other characters in the game who contribute to the overall flow of the story but you don’t get to control them during the game anyway.

Gameplay (3 out of 5)

The game offers you a chance to play both Nero and Dante. Halfway through the game, you’ll get the chance to control Dante and use his cool arsenal of weapons which include dual pistols and a cool shotgun. You can also employ Dante’s different combat skills and styles. But like we said, that would halfway through the game. Initially you take control of Nero who has a different combat style and skills as well as a different weapon - the Devil Bringer. As Nero, you get to wield a sword, fire a gun, or smash enemies with your Devil Bringer arm. Slaying enemies and completing level missions earn Nero a corresponding rank upgrade. Your rank upgrade would depend on the time it took you to finish a level, the variety of combat styles you’ve employed, and the number of Red Orbs you’ve collected during the mission. And why do you need to get a high ranking in every levels? - to increase the number of “Proud Souls” you’d get which you can later on use to buy various ability ranks that would give Nero more skills and combo moves. The game also features several secret missions which would entail you to perform various combo moves. These secret missions add to the overall depth of the game. Overall, Devil May Cry 4’s gameplay is enough to make you hooked on completing the game till the end.

Controls (4 out of 5)

The game does well in this department as it is with the superb gameplay. The characters respond fluidly and swiftly using the PS3 controller. All the jumping, attacking, and other moves of the characters were animated well. One problem though with the game has to do with the camera system employed by the game developers. It’s not your usual system where the camera follows the movement of your character accurately. There are some tight angles when you wish the camera was positioned in a better angle to help you squeeze through tight situations. But still, this is just a minor flaw. It won’t annoy that much and affect how you would appreciate the game.

Graphics and Sound (5 out of 5)

Like we said, Devil May Cry is a stunningly beautiful game despite the gore of slaying and killings that you would do most of the time. Graphics is top notch and certainly proves that the PS3’s graphics engine is no doubt one of the most powerful among the third generation consoles in the market. From the character visualization to the sceneries, Devil May Cry 4 exceeds my expectation. Even the cut-scenes were gracefully crafted and add to the visual flare of the game.

The game’s sound department is as equally impressive as the game’s graphics. Realistic sound effects, music background and great voice acting contributed to the value of the game.

Our Verdict (5 out of 5)

Obviously, we highly recommend this game. The game’s minor flaws are easily covered up by the rich gameplay, superb graphics, and fitting sound. If you’ve bought this game after reading this review and you actually liked it, don’t bother but thank my kid instead. He was the reason why I played Devil May Cry 4, and also the reason why I bought DMC 3 as well.

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