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Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 4 for the Xbox360

by: Star189 ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The twelve secret missions in Devil May Cry 4 are not only a great way to challenge yourself as a player, but a way to level up your health bar as well. Find out how to find and beat all twelve for a bigger health bar and massive bragging rights.

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    Secret Missions

    There are twelve secret missions hidden throughout the world of Devil May Cry 4. You’ll see glowing red letters pasted on pieces of paper, and when you go up to them you can jump or use a special attack to enter the mission. Once you’ve completed the mission, you get a blue orb fragment. Collect enough and your health bar will increase. Here’s how to find and beat these missions.

    Mission #1: Annihilation – Terrace/Business District

    This mission is fairly simple. Use the Devil Bringer to grab the enemies and destroy them. Your only goal is to kill all enemies within the given time limit.

    Mission #2: Alley-Oop – Go down the hallway where flames are shooting out at you after you stop them using the Gyro blade

    To win, jump and grab an enemy with the Devil Bringer. Once you slam him down, grab him again before you can fall. Repeat this five times without touching the ground.

    Mission #3: Nonviolent Resistance – Under the stairway after you pass the graveyard

    Use one of the scarecrow enemies to block attacks from the others. Grab him and hold him in front of you as a shield. You may have to come back to this mission later once you receive this skill. Taunt the enemies to raise your stylish points high enough to complete the mission.

    Mission #4: Tracking Treasure Down – Near the wall with the caged people along it

    Search the room for orbs. When the Devil Bringer begins glowing, follow it and attack to find them. You must find three of the five hidden locations, but you can’t leave the grand hall.

    Mission #5: Sky Scraper - This mission is attached to a tree near the Lapis River and across the bridge

    This mission involves using Grim Grips and jump pads to rise up. Double jump to help get yourself onto these without falling. Towards the top you’ll have to break a cage with your sword to get to the jump pad. From there you can use the next Grim Grip to reach the platform with the orb.

    Mission #6: Vermifuge – Door in the Security Corridor

    Pick up the Scarecrow you’re protecting and take him to a safe area. From there you can go back and kill the enemies before they reach him. Keep moving him away if you have to, but be careful, your enemies move fast!

    Mission #7: Free Running – Door on your left before the double doors in the Meeting Room.

    While you attack the enemies to get them away, it usually causes you to fall and lose the mission. The best way to beat this one is to run along the platforms and jump around to avoid the enemies trying to knock you off. When the floor starts to disappear, run to the next tile and keep avoiding attacks till you make it to the end.

    Mission #8: Royal Blocker – In the Windswept Valley

    This mission can only be completed when you play through as Dante. Use him to execute five Royal Blocks.

    Mission #9: Unbreakable – At the bottom of the staircase in the library

    Don’t get hit by the enemies or caught by the Fault who are tracking you. Jump around and shoot from afar to keep from getting hit or caught. Make sure to keep your distance as you destroy the enemies. Keep running and when you see the Fault starting to open up underneath you, jump away.

    Mission #10: Puppet Master – Break through the mirror in the Master Chamber

    You’ll be using the Gyro blade to destroy statues. Start at the beginning and send the Gyro down the hall to break the first statue. Continue on to the statue in front of the stairs. Try to send the Gyro to break the statue and bounce off the wall so it’ll come back down the stairs to you. Send it down to break the statue at the end of the hall using maximum speed so it bounces back to you. The last two statues go in the following order: the statue in front of the doors to the Large Hall, and the statue opposite it behind the bars.

    Mission #11: Point of Impact – Fortuna Castle Gate

    You’ll need Hatred and Revenge on Pandora to beat this one. Go south down the set of stairs and use Hatred to destroy the first statue. Then go north to the bottom of the stairs and destroy the other statue the same way. This takes some practice with aiming.

    Mission #12: Steeplechase – Opera House Plaza

    This is easy to get through with Dante. Simply use Pandora in Argument mode and fly right over the lasers to the orb on the other side. Make sure the Disaster Gauge is almost filled before starting the mission so you’ll be able to make it all the way across.