Uncharted 3 Guide - Chapter 10 and Chapter 11

Uncharted 3 Guide - Chapter 10 and Chapter 11
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Chapter 10: Historical Research

This is a really low key chapter, so this will be quick. Start by following Elena. As you go down the steps, turn to the left and grab a treasure off of the ground. As you go a bit further, you’ll reach more steps and see a fountain above with a treasure by it. Grab it. After a little more walking, some police officers will block your path.

Approach the merchant to your right and he’ll open the door for you. Go through, and you can grab a treasure off of the left wall as you go through it. You’ll need to keep walking and climbing until you reach a nice apartment. When you go up the steps and find a nice hallway, you can turn around and get a treasure out of the corner.

Keep going to the roof to finally spot Talbot walking through the streets. Jump to a nearby building, then work your way to a sign and a nearby gutter and you’ll be able to come in behind him. Talbot spots you though, so get ready for a long firefight. Just put people into the stands and walls and they’ll go down quickly. Take out the final brute and you’ll be able to leave the market with Sully and Elena.

Go out the gate and watch the right wall for another treasure to grab, and watch for some stairs too. After you go down the steps, you can get another treasure from a dead end road. The last treasure is on a ledge with a few boxes. Look for it when Sully and Elena run off down the alley. After you grab it, follow them to wrap up the chapter.

The Puzzles in the Well

The Body Part Puzzles Is Easy Once You Know Where to Stand

Once you drop down the well, you should be able to go around the grate at the bottom of it to get a treasure. Grab it, then go down to the floor. If you look around you should be able to get a message that you can decipher, which will lead to a quick puzzle. Open your notebook to hold up a drawing of a few pillars. There’s also a crescent moon symbol.

Just look for the symbol on the ground, then stand on it and open up the drawing. Move it around until it lines up with the three pillars roughly to your left, which will make Elena and Sully take up positions at the pillars. Go up to the third one, and turn the switch to open the secret passage.

As you walk down this path, just hug the left wall to find the treasure. Once you’re in the large circular room, you’ll be able to go through a big door on the left. Go through it to find the gear puzzle. Jump over the railings and look behind a few columns. There’s a treasure to be found. Once you have it, just look up at the big symbol above you to figure out how the gears are supposed to go. You need alternating crosses and circles. Most of the gears are just lying on the ground. Just match the shapes as you go, and ignore the ones with the wrong symbols.

The only tricky one is the big gear lying above you on a platform. If you go up the steps, you can grab a platform, use a few loose bars to climb across and then work your way over to the platform. Throw the gear down, then pick it up and put it on the puzzle and pull the switch to open the door and finish half of the larger puzzle.

Go back and go through the big doors on the right, and just walk down to the bottom. There’s one treasure lying to the left of the stairs, so just grab it, then get the big staff in the center. Go back to the stairs and walk to the right of them to get into the corner. You should be able to look up at the ceiling while aiming the staff and find a treasure. Hit it with the light beam to knock it down. Before you move, stay close to this spot. What you need to do is recreate the image of the stabbing from your note by casting the right shadow. This spot in the right corner is where you need to be. Face the bits of statue on the wall and move around slightly from left to right until things match up right. This will unlock the gate and the way forward.

Spiders, Spec Ops and Spectacular Chases

This is One Fight Where You Have to Be Aggressive

Go through the new passage and then light the brazier to kick things off with a horde of spiders. Begin by steadily sweeping the torch in front of you as you run, until you make it to the gate. Take the shotgun from Elena and you’ll be stuck in a defensive spot. This doesn’t appear to be a real defensive mission, since Elena should always save you right as you run out of ammo. Just hang tough and fire at the spiders as they swarm and approach you. Two blasts will always break them up.

Just watch the scenes and work your way back out to the well to find the only fight in the chapter. Fire into the smoke as the soldiers drop down, then get ready for a tricky fight. You’ll need to run around in a circle, since staying in cover will just result in you getting flanked. The good thing is that Elena and Sully will keep the guards distracted, so you can generally just run around in a circle and get one-hit kill takedowns as long as they aren’t look right at you. Just watch out for the brute and the armored shotgun users.

If you can manage to stay alive, just wait for the smoke to clear, then let Sully give you a boost to the grate. Climb up to the ladder and knock it down, then go out to the street. Don’t just follow Sully, go to the right and look for some small stairs and grab the treasure. There’s a second piece of treasure on a bench to the right of the fountain and another in the shady spot on the left. Just don’t approach Sully and Elena or you’ll be sent forward in the plot.

There’s a chase scene ahead, so just run after Talbot. When he runs out into a crowded market, take a turn to the right and look for some stairs. You can get the last treasure here, then just get to the end and continue the chase until things finish up.

You’ll get one more chance to fight, but it won’t end well. Just keep pushing forward until the chapter wraps up.


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