Starcraft 2 Zerg Achievements Guide

Starcraft 2 Zerg Achievements Guide
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Starcraft 2 Zerg Achievements - Introduction

To round off the Bright Hub complete Starcraft 2 Zerg multiplayer guide, we are going to go over completing all the available Zerg Achievements in SC2 online multiplayer.

As with the other races, there are plenty of rewards for putting the time and effort in playing as Zerg on, but also a batch of Achievements that encourage you to think creatively about the special abilities of some of the units the Zerg have at their disposal in Starcraft 2. Lets have a look at unlocking all of them.

SC2 Zerg vs A.I. Achievements


  • Custom Game Zerg (10): For this Achievement, you will need to win at least 3 solo even matched Custom games versus any of the A.I. races while playing as the Zerg Faction.
  • Zerg AI Romp 10 (10): Upping the stakes, this Achievement requires that you win 10 solo even-matched Custom games versus any race of A.I. opponent set to Medium, while playing as the Zerg race.
  • Zerg Command 10 (10): For fans of Co-op mode, this Achievement is awarded to those who have completed 10 wins as Zerg in Cooperative game mode against A.I. opponents of any of the three races set to Medium.

SC2 Zerg Solo League Achievements

Starcraft 2 Zerg Achievement - Solo Zerg 1000


  • Solo Zerg 10 (10)
  • Solo Zerg 25 (10)
  • Solo Zerg 50 (10)
  • Solo Zerg 100 (10)
  • Solo Zerg 250 (10)
  • Solo Zerg 500 (10)
  • Solo Zerg 750 (10)
  • Solo Zerg 1000 (10)

Rewarded to those who have stuck with the Zerg through bad times and good, and, along the way, managed to notch up some impressive win totals while playing Solo 1 vs 1 Quick Match League games online on

SC2 Zerg Team League Achievements

Starcraft 2 Zerg Achievement - Team Zerg 1000


  • Team Zerg 10 (10)
  • Team Zerg 25 (10)
  • Team Zerg 50 (10)
  • Team Zerg 100 (10)
  • Team Zerg 250 (10)
  • Team Zerg 500 (10)
  • Team Zerg 750 (10)
  • Team Zerg 1000 (10)

If you and your teammates like to play Zerg, and to get to the final couple of these Achievements you will have played a lot as Zerg, then Starcraft 2 recognizes your dedication with these awards for the requisite number of wins in Quick Match Team League online.

Other Starcraft 2 Zerg Achievements

Starcraft 2 Zerg Achievement - A Roach’s Life


  • It’s Morphing Time (10): Mutate a Lair during the first 285 secs of a multiplayer match and you’ll be rewarded with this Achievement to add to your growing collection.

Melee Combat:

Zerglot (10): Bit tricky to fathom at first this one. It involves a Zerg player warping in a Protoss Zealot during a Melee game. How do you do this? Use the Infestor with the Neural Parasite Ability to control a captured Protoss Nexus, get it to spit out the units you will require - Probe, Pylon, Gateway, Zealot - and then warp the friendly Zealot through it to unlock the Achievement.

League Combat:

  • Infested Terror (10): More love for the Infestor, this time using it to destroy 30 enemy units via Infested Terrans in any one League match.
  • Would You Kindly (10): Again, Infestor to the forefront, use 1 Neural Parasite-controlled enemy unit to kill a further 5 opposing units in a single League game.
  • Zerg Macro Master (10): Stretch those fingers and get them thoroughly warmed up, because this Achievement requires you to morph 21 Zerg units at the same time during any one League game.
  • Centurion Queen (10): Reward your Queens fertility with this Achievement. Spawn 100 Larva during any single League match to unlock it.
  • A Roach’s Life (10): Avoid Friendly Fire whilst regenerating over 500 Hit Points on an individual Roach in any one League game to collect this badge.
  • Meet The Spy (10): Detect and destroy 5 enemy Changelings during the course of one League match.


So, we’ve come to the end of our comprehensive guide to the Zerg in Starcraft 2 multiplayer. Hopefully, the information we’ve covered in this, and the accompanying Terran and Protoss multiplayer guides, will set you on the path to conquering the galaxy, utilizing the knowledge you’ve gained on every Zerg unit, structure and Achievement to fight your way up towards Diamond League status on

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