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Starcraft 2 Zerg Roach Guide

by: Simon Williams ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Genetically modified from tiny slug to monstrous behemoth, the Starcraft 2 Roach is a deadly opponent with a blast of pure acid breath. Bright Hub gets in close with these burrowing beasts.

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    Starcraft 2 Roach - Introduction

    The Bright Hub Starcraft 2 Zerg multiplayer guide moves on to the mighty Zerg Roach unit.

    Starting life as a small acid-breathing slug in the mountains of Garrxax, the Zerg Roach is a fine example of where the genetic engineering of the Zerg is taking them in evolutionary terms. Selected for its unusual regeneration abilities, the Zantar slug was evolved into the monstrous Roach, spitting acid at range against its enemies and bursting upon them from below. In this chapter of the guide, we'll examine all the Roach's important stats, weapons, Upgrades and Abilities, and then present a series of strategy tips for using the Roach against all three Starcraft 2 races, and counters for this unit in SC2 multiplayer.

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    Starcraft 2 Zerg Roach Vital Stats

    Starcraft 2 Roach - Roach army versus Protoss Production and Properties:

    • Minerals: 75
    • Gas: 25
    • Supply: 2
    • Build Time: 27 secs
    • Produced By: Larva
    • Requires: Roach Warren
    • Hotkey: R
    • Max Energy: 0

    Movement and Protection:

    • Speed: 2.25
    • Acceleration: 1,000
    • Hit Points: 145
    • Shields: 0
    • Armor: 1
    • Armor Type: Biological, Armored


    Acid Saliva

    • Ground Attack
    • Attacks: 1
    • Range: 3
    • Damage: 16
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    Starcraft 2 Zerg Roach Upgrades and Abilities



    • (Minerals: 100, Gas: 100, Time: 100 secs)
    • Required: Lair

    This upgrade for certain Zerg units allows them to burrow and remain undetected by enemy units.

    Ground Carapace 1-3 (Upgrade for all of the Zerg ground units) Level 1: (Minerals: 150, Gas: 150, Time: 140 secs) Level 2: (Minerals: 225, Gas: 225, Time: 170 secs) Level 3: (Minerals: 300, Gas: 300, Time: 200 secs) Required: Lair Missile Attacks 1-3 (Upgrade for all of the Zerg ground ranged units) Level 1: (Minerals: 100, Gas: 100, Time: 140 secs) Level 2: (Minerals: 150. Gas: 150, Time: 170 secs) Level 3: (Minerals: 200, Gas: 200, Time: 200 secs) Required: Lair Evolve Glial Reconstitution (Minerals: 100, Gas: 100, Time: 110 secs) Upgrade for the Zerg Roach unit that increases its movement speed. Evolve Tunneling Claws (Minerals: 150, Gas: 150, Time: 110 secs) Upgrade for the Zerg Roach unit that gives it the ability to move while burrowed and also allows it to regenerate lost Hit Points when under the ground.


    Burrow: The Roach unit can burrow under the surface, making it invisible to enemy units but unable to attack.

    • Type: Command

    Rapid Regeneration: The Roach unit heals at a rate of +5 Hit Points per sec while burrowed.

    Tunneling Claws: The Roach unit can move while burrowed and its healing rate is increased to +10 Hit Points per sec.

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    Starcraft 2 Roach Strategy, Tips and Tricks

    Starcraft 2 Roach Strong Against:

    Vulnerable To:

    Zerg vs Zerg

    The Roach is one of the best all-round units in the Zerg arsenal, and particularly effective against ground troops like Zerglings, although try to force them into choke points and awkward terrain to counteract their maneuverability. Overseers strip the Roach of its best defense - its ability to burrow and regenerate unseen - while a massed Mutalisk attack can be unstoppable, as the Roach has no anti-air defense.

    Zerg vs Terran

    Keep out of sight of Siege Tanks, and then employ the Roach's ability to move while burrowing to come up on their position and knock them out at close range while they're in Siege Mode. This tremendous ability also makes the Roach great value for attacking Terran building units. Ravens will reveal their presence and Marauders, especially when equipped with the Concussive Shell Upgrade, are a hard counter for the Roach.

    Zerg vs Protoss

    Again, Roaches are good base attackers against Protoss opposition, and they can go head to head with the High Templar and Psionic Storm thanks to their regenerative ability. If the map is scattered with choke points, use Roaches to clog them up and break Zealot infantry advances. Void Rays can pick off Roaches fairly clinically from a distance, while the Immortal makes short shrift of them.

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    The Starcraft 2 Roach is a vital element of the Zerg faction in SC2 multiplayer, coming into its own on maps with twisted terrain and multiple choke points. The Roach's ability to soak up damage and rapidly replenish Hit Points makes it a great bulwark against attack, while it can sneak up on even the heaviest opposition units and take them down with a surprise assault. Learning to use the Roach well is the first step to mastering the Zerg in online Starcraft 2 on