Starcraft 2 Immortal: A Beginners Guide

Starcraft 2 Immortal: A Beginners Guide
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Starcraft 2 Immortal - The Basics

We continue our comprehensive coverage of the Protoss in Starcraft 2 with a look at the heavy unit the Immortal.

The last remaining members of an elite Protoss fighting unit, their mangled remains bonded into hydraulic exo-armor, the Starcraft 2 Immortals are the ultimate embodiment of the Protoss combination of biology and high technology. As with all SC2 multiplayer units, the Immortal is carefully balanced, with great strengths but also weaknesses to exploit. In this article, we’ll take a look at the vital stats, weaponry and abilities of the Starcraft 2 Protoss Immortal, as well as analyse how beginners can put them to best use against opponents from all three SC2 races.

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SC2 Protoss Immortal Vital Stats


Production and Properties:

  • Minerals: 250
  • Gas: 100
  • Supply: 4
  • Build Time: 55 secs
  • Produced By: Robotics Facility
  • Requires: Twilight Council
  • Hotkey: I
  • Max Energy: 0

Movement and Protection:

  • Speed: 2.25
  • Acceleration: 1,000
  • Hit Points: 200
  • Shields: 100
  • Armor: 1
  • Armor Type: Mechanical, Armored


Phase Disrupters

  • Ground Attack
  • Attacks: 1
  • Range: 5
  • Damage: 20
  • Bonuses: +20 vs Armored

SC2 Protoss Immortal Upgrades and Abilities


Shields 1-3 (Upgrade for all of the Protoss units)

  • Level 1: (Minerals: 200, Gas: 200, Time: 140 secs)

  • Level 2: (Minerals: 300, Gas: 300, Time: 170 secs)

  • Level 3: (Minerals: 400, Gas: 400, Time: 200 secs)

  • Required: Twilight Council

Ground Weapons 1-3 (Upgrade for all Protoss ground units)

  • Level 1: (Minerals: 100, Gas: 100, Time: 140 secs)

  • Level 2: (Minerals: 175, Gas: 175, Time: 170 secs)

  • Level 3: (Minerals: 250, Gas: 250, Time: 200 secs)

  • Required: Twilight Council

Ground Armor 1-3 (Upgrade for all Protoss ground units)

  • Level 1: (Minerals: 100, Gas: 100, Time: 140 secs)

  • Level 2: (Minerals: 175, Gas: 175, Time: 170 secs)

  • Level 3: (Minerals: 250, Gas: 250, Time: 200 secs)

  • Required: Twilight Council


  • Hardened Shield: All high damage attacks are reduced to a maximum of 10 while shields are up.

Starcraft 2 Immortal Strategy Tips and Tricks

Starcraft 2 Immortal

Strong Against:

Vulnerable To:

Protoss vs Protoss

Protoss Immortals are a very useful unit when facing late-game Protoss units such as the Colossus, due to their bonus damage against armored enemies and Hardened Shield ability. Be careful when deploying them against large squads of Zealot infantry or aerial forces such as Phoenixes, as the slow Immortal can quickly be overrun. Void Rays also tend to wreak havoc against Immortals.

Protoss vs Terran

Use your Immortals to deal with heavy units such as Siege Tanks and Thors, but again watch out for your vulnerability to aerial attack from Banshees or being swarmed by Marines. The Terran Ghost’s EMP rounds will strip an Immortal of its chief advantage, its Hardened Shields.

Protoss vs Zerg

Similar strategy concerns should be kept in mind against any Zerg opponent. While an Immortal will deal out heavy blows to Roaches and Ultralisks, they are vulnerable to being Zergling rushed, and the Mind Control ability of the Infestor.


The Protoss Immortal is a prime example of the careful balancing that has gone into Starcraft 2 multiplayer. These bulky armored figures are vital for dealing with enemy heavy units and ranged and artillery units, while still being vulnerable to the most basic ground troop units in SC2. Used wisely and they can carve a huge gap open in your opponent’s defences, especially if they have gone overboard on producing heavy armored units in the late-game, but left without support, especially against aerial foes, and the Immortal can be brutally exposed.