Basic Guide to Starcraft 2 Phoenix: How to Use the Protoss Phoenix in SC2 Multiplayer

Basic Guide to Starcraft 2 Phoenix: How to Use the Protoss Phoenix in SC2 Multiplayer
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Starcraft 2 Phoenix - The Basics

Our latest entry in the Starcraft 2 Protoss multiplayer guide is the Protoss dogfighter, the Phoenix.

Quick and nimble, the Protoss Phoenix is the frontline aerial unit for harrying your enemies with hit-and-run raids, especially during the mid-game. Used wisely, this unit can take on even significantly more powerful units, levitating them up into the air with its Graviton Beam. In this beginner’s guide to the Starcraft 2 Phoenix, we’ll study how to use the elite flying corps of Protoss to cripple your opponent’s forces in SC2 multiplayer, as well as the unit’s individual stats, upgrades and counters.

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SC2 Protoss Phoenix Vital Stats

Production and Properties:

  • Minerals: 150
  • Gas: 100
  • Supply: 2
  • Build Time: 45 secs
  • Produced By: Stargate
  • Requires: -
  • Hotkey:X
  • Max Energy: 200

Movement and Protection:

  • Speed: 4.25
  • Acceleration: 1,499.94
  • Hit Points: 120
  • Shields: 60
  • Armor:0
  • Armor Type: Mechanical, Light


Ion Cannons

  • Air Attack
  • Attacks: 2
  • Range: 4
  • Damage: 5
  • Bonuses: +5 vs Light, Attack while moving

SC2 Protoss Phoenix Upgrades and Abilities


Shields 1-3 (Upgrade for all of the Protoss units)

  • Level 1: (Minerals: 200, Gas: 200, Time: 140 secs)

  • Level 2: (Minerals: 300, Gas: 300, Time: 170 secs)

  • Level 3: (Minerals: 400, Gas: 400, Time: 200 secs)

  • Required: Twilight Council

Air Weapons 1-3 (Upgrade for all Protoss air units)

  • Level 1: (Minerals: 100, Gas: 100, Time: 140 secs)

  • Level 2: (Minerals: 175, Gas: 175, Time: 170 secs)

  • Level 3: (Minerals: 250, Gas: 250, Time: 200 secs)

  • Required: Fleet Beacon

Air Armor 1-3 (Upgrade for all Protoss air units)

  • Level 1: (Minerals: 150, Gas: 150, Time: 140 secs)

  • Level 2: (Minerals: 225, Gas: 225, Time: 170 secs)

  • Level 3: (Minerals: 300, Gas: 300, Time: 200 secs)

  • Required: Fleet Beacon


  • Graviton Beam: Disables a targeted enemy unit by floating it up into the air. Units with Massive Armor Type are immune to its effects.
  • Type: Channeled
  • Range: 4
  • Energy: 50
  • Duration: 10 secs

Starcraft 2 Phoenix Strategy Tips and Tricks

Starcraft 2 Phoenix

Strong Against:

Vulnerable To:

Protoss vs Protoss

The Phoenix is one of the most useful units against Protoss opponents, thanks to its high speed and ability to attack while in motion. Deploy Phoenixes to take out your enemy’s Void Rays with hit-and-run tactics, or levitate opposition light units to disable them. The High Templar Feedback ability is highly effective against the Protoss Phoenix, draining its energy supply and doing significant damage, while massive air units like the Carrier with its Interceptors can cause this unit no end of problems.

Protoss vs Terran

Banshees are sitting ducks for Phoenix units, slow and with no means of defending themselves, so hound these to destruction. Use your Phoenixes to provide fast scouting services, but avoid Ghosts and their disabling EMP rounds, and veer away from heavy concentrations of Marines and other Terran units.

Protoss vs Zerg

Concentrate your firepower on Mutalisks, as Protoss Phoenixes get the additional damage bonus against light units. They are also useful for taking out Overlords. Corruptors will take a heavy toll on the Phoenix, though, so wherever possible give them a wide berth.


The Starcraft 2 Phoenix provides the Protoss race with the speed and agility that some of its other tech-heavy units are lacking. Ideal for scouting out enemy territory and making lightning raids on an opponent’s light forces, when employing this SC2 multiplayer unit be sure to make maximum use of its mobility advantage.