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Starcraft 2 Zerg Overlord Guide

by: Simon Williams ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Slow-moving scout and troop carrier, the Starcraft 2 Overlord may not appear the most exciting unit in the Zerg ranks, but it is absolutely vital for territorial control in SC2 multiplayer.

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    Starcraft 2 Overlord - Introduction

    Our complete guide to the Zerg in Starcraft 2 multiplayer continues with the Overlord unit.

    With no weapons of any kind, the Overlord is not the sexiest unit available to a Zerg player in Starcraft 2. However, continual production of these units is vital for any Zerg build order, as they not only increase your supply of available units but also produce the vital Creep that enhances your own troops movements while preventing your opponent from constructing in Creep-affected areas. In this article, we'll take a look at the Overlord unit's stats, its vital Ventral Sacs Upgrade and how to incorporate these quietly effective units into your Zerg army.

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    Starcraft 2 Zerg Overlord Vital Stats

    Starcraft 2 Overlord - Overlords attacking Protoss base Production and Properties:

    • Minerals: 100
    • Gas: 0
    • Supply: 8
    • Build Time: 25 secs
    • Produced By: Larva
    • Requires: -
    • Hotkey: V
    • Max Energy: 0

    Movement and Protection:

    • Speed: 0.47
    • Acceleration: 1.06
    • Hit Points: 200
    • Shields: 0
    • Armor: 0
    • Armor Type: Biological, Armored
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    Starcraft 2 Zerg Overlord Upgrades and Abilities


    Flyer Carapace 1-3 (Upgrade for all of the Zerg air units) Level 1: (Minerals: 150, Gas: 150, Time: 140 secs) Level 2: (Minerals: 225, Gas: 225, Time: 170 secs) Level 3: (Minerals: 300, Gas: 300, Time: 200 secs) Required: Hive Evolve Pneumatized Carapace (Minerals: 100, Gas: 100, Time: 60 secs) Upgrade for the Zerg Overlord unit that increases its movement speed. Evolve Ventral Sacs (Minerals: 200, Gas: 200, Time: 130 secs) Upgrade for the Zerg Overlord unit that allows it to act as a unit transport.


    Generate Creep: The Overlord unit will produce Creep while stationary on the ground.

    • Type: Channeled

    Load: The Overlord unit can load up to 8 friendly units into its Ventral Sacs to transport them across the map.

    • Type: Command

    Unload: The Overlord unit will disembark its cargo at the selected point on the map.

    • Type: Command

    Morph to Overseer: The Overlord unit will transform into a Zerg Overseer unit.

    • Type: Command
    • Cast Time: 17 secs

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    Starcraft 2 Overlord Strategy, Tips and Tricks

    Vulnerable To:

    Zerg vs Zerg

    Overlords may have no offensive capacity, but they are vital to your offensives, both in a planning and execution capacity. Research the Ventral Sacs and then the Pneumatized Carapace Upgrades at the earliest available opportunity to give the Overlord troop-carrying capacity and a decent turn of pace for scouting. Once your force has been delivered, remember to give them some protection as they secret vital Creep to improve your units movement speed. Watch out for Queen units when attacking an enemy base, while Hydralisk Spine attacks are excellent at warding scouting Overlords off.

    Zerg vs Terran

    It's tempting to overlook Overlord production in favor of attacking units early on in your Zerg build, but remember that the more Overlords you do produce the more significant the increase to your Unit Supply they provide. Marines are fairly capable of dealing with Overlords, and the Terran combination of Sensor Towers and Missile defenses can make a direct attack on Terran building units a tricky proposition.

    Zerg vs Protoss

    Against the Protoss, give your Overlords some aerial protection with a Mutalisk fleet, or Phoenixes will chase your Overlords off the map, while Stalkers will pick them off one-by-one using Blink. Soften up Protoss base defenses before your main attack, or Photon Cannons will wreak havoc with your Overlord fleet.

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    They won't get you hot under the collar, but the Starcraft 2 Overlord is vital to a winning Zerg force, both as a troop carrier and a Creep producer. Ensure you are always cranking out a decent supply of Overlords to allow your Zerg forces to territorially expand and make raids upon enemy bases in Starcraft 2 multiplayer matches.