Starcraft 2 Terran Achievements Guide

Starcraft 2 Terran Achievements Guide
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Starcraft 2 Terran Achievements - Introduction

In this final entry in Bright Hub’s complete Starcraft 2 Terran multiplayer guide, we’ll show you how to unlock all the available Terran Achievements in SC2. There are the usual rewards for investing your time in the game and climbing the League ladders on, as well individual Achievements for using the special Abilities of certain Terran units to pull off prodigious feats of RTS skill, and take out a whole bucket load of enemies while you’re at it. Read on and we’ll explain how to unlock them all.

SC2 Terran vs A.I. Achievements



  • Custom Game Terran (10): To get this Achievement, you need to win at least 3 evenly-matched solo Custom games versus any A.I. race while playing as the Terrans.
  • Terran AI Romp 10 (10): Asking a bit more of you, this requires you to win 10 evenly-matched solo Custom games versus an A.I. opponent set up for Medium, playing as the Terran again.
  • Terran Command 10 (10): This Achievement rewards those who love to play Co-op and have completed 10 wins as Terran in Cooperative game mode against A.I. opponents of any race set to Medium.

SC2 Terran Solo League Achievements

Starcraft 2 Terran Achievements - Solo Terran 1000


  • Solo Terran 10 (10)
  • Solo Terran 25 (10)
  • Solo Terran 50 (10)
  • Solo Terran 100 (10)
  • Solo Terran 250 (10)
  • Solo Terran 500 (10)
  • Solo Terran 750 (10)
  • Solo Terran 1000 (10)

Not the most obscure of Terran Achievements, these are of course rewarded upon the completion of the required number of wins in each Achievement’s title when playing Solo 1 vs 1 Quick Match League games on If you get the final couple of these, sunlight may well be a long distant memory for you.

SC2 Terran Team League Achievements

Starcraft 2 Terran Achievements - League Terran 1000


  • Team Terran 10 (10)
  • Team Terran 25 (10)
  • Team Terran 50 (10)
  • Team Terran 100 (10)
  • Team Terran 250 (10)
  • Team Terran 500 (10)
  • Team Terran 750 (10)
  • Team Terran 1000 (10)

The equivalent Terran Achievements for those who like their multiplayer matches Team-based. Ratchet up the required number of wins in Quick Match Team League online to unlock, with the added bonus of having company while you do it.

Other Starcraft 2 Terran Achievements

Starcraft 2 Terran Achievements - Nuclear Launch Detected


  • Erector Time (10): Get a Factory up and running within the first 270 secs of a multiplayer match to access this Achievement.

Melee Combat:

  • Fire Fighter (10): Use your SCV to save any 8 burning Terran buildings in a Starcraft 2 Melee match.

League Combat:

  • Yamato Master Blaster (10): One for the Battlecruiser enthusiasts - wipe out 20 enemy units with the Yamato Cannon during one League match.
  • Professionals Have Standards (10): This Achievement’s for the Terran Ghost. Take out 20 opposing units with Sniper rounds during the course of a single League game.
  • Beep, Beep, Boom! (10): Use the Raven’s Seeker Missile to take out 6 enemy units with a single strike for this Achievement.
  • Auto-Kill (10): Clever placement of Auto-Turrets with your Raven units is rewarded here. Destroy 20 enemy SCVs in one League match.
  • Nuclear Launch Detected (10): Time for your Ghost to use his weapon of mass destruction, and wipe out 15 or more enemies in a single Tactical Nuke strike in one match.
  • Terran Macro Master (10): Think you’ve got your Macros in your muscle memory? Try having 9 Terran units training up at the same time in any one League match.
  • Neighbourly Help (10): Give your units some TLC to the tune of 300 Hit Points healed or more to unlock this Achievement.
  • Hot Pickup (10): Continuing the theme of taking care of your own, pick up a unit that is under heavy fire using a Medivac during a League match and you’ll get this badge of honor.
  • MULE X’ing (10): If your standard SCV just isn’t good enough for you, call in 30 or more MULE units to gather those resources during a single League game.


This is the final chapter in Bright Hub’s indepth guide to playing as the Terran faction in Starcraft 2 multiplayer online. Using the information we’ve given you on every Terran trooper, vehicle, ship and building unit, getting all these Starcraft 2 Achievements for the Terrans on will only be a matter of time. Have fun and raise hell across the galaxy.

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