Starcraft 2 Protoss Achievements Guide

Starcraft 2 Protoss Achievements Guide
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Starcraft 2 Protoss Achievements - Introduction

In the final part of our complete guide to playing Protoss in Starcraft 2, we’ll take a detailed look at all the Protoss-specific Achievements offers. Some are simply a matter of completing a requisite number of wins in various different modes in SC2 while playing Protoss, but some require you to use specific Protoss units and their Abilities effectively in combat, encouraging you to understand the distinct nature of playing the Protoss in Starcraft 2 multiplayer.

SC2 Protoss versus A.I. Achievements


  • Custom Game Protoss (10): To get this Achievement, you need to win at least 3 even-matched solo Custom games versus any A.I. race playing as Protoss.
  • Protoss AI Romp 10 (10): Slightly more demanding, this requires you to win 10 even-matched solo Custom games versus an A.I. opponent set to Medium, playing as the Protoss.
  • Protoss Command 10 (10): For the co-op SC2 player, this Achievement rewards you for completing 10 wins as Protoss in Cooperative game mode against A.I. opponents set to Medium.

SC2 Protoss Solo League Achievements

Starcraft 2 Protoss Achievements - Solo Protoss 1000


  • Solo Protoss 10 (10)
  • Solo Protoss 25 (10)
  • Solo Protoss 50 (10)
  • Solo Protoss 100 (10)
  • Solo Protoss 250 (10)
  • Solo Protoss 500 (10)
  • Solo Protoss 750 (10)
  • Solo Protoss 1000 (10)

These Protoss Achievements are pretty self-explanitory. You’ll receive each one for winning the requisite number of games in Quick Match 1v1 solo league games online. Obviously, persistence as well as great skill is the pre-requisite for completing all these achievements.

SC2 Protoss Team League Achievements

Starcraft 2 Protoss Achievements - Team Protoss 1000


  • Team Protoss 10 (10)
  • Team Protoss 25 (10)
  • Team Protoss 50 (10)
  • Team Protoss 100 (10)
  • Team Protoss 250 (10)
  • Team Protoss 500 (10)
  • Team Protoss 750 (10)
  • Team Protoss 1000 (10)

The Quick Match Team League equivalents of the Solo League Protoss Achievements. The last few are as a much a testament to your endurance as your Starcraft 2 chops.

Other Starcraft 2 Protoss Achievements

Starcraft 2 Protoss Achievements - Protoss Macro Master


  • Warp In Time (10): Complete this particular Protoss Achievement by managing to Warp in a Twilight Council within the first 275 seconds of a Melee Starcraft 2 game.

Melee Combat:

  • Distorted Reality (10): Use your Mothership to suck up 50 or more enemy units into a single Vortex during a Melee SC2 match.
  • To the Shadows I Run (10): Save one of your Stalker units by employing its Blink ability in a SC2 Melee game.
  • Just an Illusion (10): Using the High Templar, control over 15 Hallucinations at any one time during a Melee game in Starcraft 2.

League Combat:

  • Protoss Macro Master (10): One for the fast-fingered players, Warp 9 Protoss units in at the same time in a SC2 League match.
  • Warp In Madness (10): Use your Warp Gates to maximum effect to get this Achievement. You need to Warp in a minimum of 100 Protoss units in any one League match.
  • Frugal Fighter (10): One for the carful player. Regenerate at least 500 Shield Energy on one particular unit during a League game, but without taking any friendly fire, to access this Achievement.
  • Shroom Absorption (10): Another one for the High Templar unit. This time, your Hallucinations need to take at least 1,000 damage on your behalf during any one Starcraft 2 League game.


So we come to the end of our comprehensive guide to playing the Protoss in Starcraft 2 online multiplayer. With our detailed unit-by-unit guide to every Protoss troop, war machine and building unit, you should have everything you need to conquer the world of and gain every Starcraft 2 Achievement for the Protoss race. Good luck out there, and take no prisoners.

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