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    • Sacred 2:Fallen Angel Character Guide – The Dryad
      A look at the Sacred 2 class of Dryad and its skills. Is this the player perfectly suited to your love of nature? Take a look and see.
    • Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Offensive Skills
      Still wondering about the skills that are going to be used in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel? This is the last category of the skills, and it's all about offense. Learn about those offensive skills now.
    • Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - Defensive Skills
      A look at the defensive skills category in the new PC game of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. The game comes out on PS3 and XBOX 360 by 2009, so keep this great game in mind even if you are a console gamer!
    • Aspect Skills in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
      Aspect skills are just one type of skills in the new release for the PC, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Fans of the old Sacred will notice some changes and how some things have stayed the same. This is all about the aspect skills in the game.
    • Enemies in Sacred: The Bestiary (Pt.1)
      Want to know what may be lurking just around the corner? This is the first half of Sacred: Underworld's bestiary. Split into cateorgies, you'll be able to know what any enemy really is.
    • Will your Computer Play Sacred 2?
      A heads up to see if your computer is ready for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Sacred had over 1.8 million gamers and most are rushing to get Sacred 2. Don't be surprised, be advised!
    • Deities in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
      Sacred 2:Fallen Angel introduces deities in the game, six in total. What are these gods and goddesses and how will they affect your gameplay? Find out here!
    • Dragons in Sacred
      We aren't talking those fire lizards or wyvern, we are talking fire breathing meteor throwing mega monsters that you will have to battle. Dragons in Sacred: Underground are fearsome creatures. Here's how to make them less fearsome.
    • Enemies in Sacred: The Bestiary (Pt.2)
      The rest of the enemies that you will encounter in the game of Sacred Underworld is given. Keep track of what is what so that you can defeat them in battle.
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