Rs Music Video Creation Tips: (Part 5) Runescape Music's Helpful Programs for Communication, Filming, and Video Promoting

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The Three Best Programs

There are three programs you can use to create your Rs music videos easier and faster. Hypercam, SwiftKit, and Ventrilio are the three best programs you can find to give you the easiest working tools to complete your Rs videos. One is for chatting, taking screenshots, looking up scores, and finding prices of items. One is for physically talking to either one or many people at once by pressing a simple button. Finally, one is for filming your Rs music videos. Each one giving different options, but will all give you great Rs help in creating your Runescape music videos.


Hypercams are great for filming your Rs videos. When you go on YouTube, some people try to use video cameras to record their computer screens! How old school is that! Hypercams are great because you can find them all over the internet. Some you have to pay for, but you can find older or less popular hypercams that are free to download, or at least demo them for a certain period of time. These give Runescape gamers an easy way to capture their progress and achievements and then having an easy way to upload it to social media sites like YouTube. Your Rs music videos will definitely benefit by having clear sound and video, instead of having the shaky camera videos with tons of background sound.


SwiftKit is one of the best Rs help programs and it is also free! You can download it from their site and use it every day, free of charge! They do have a place where you can donate if you like the program. Their goal is to raise $80 per month from donations, which they reach every month!

Some of the program features are a world map, price guide, skill level search, calculator, screenshot taker and up-loader, not pad, a chat system to talk to friends and clan members, and much more. This program will help you by getting fast background research done on players trying to join your Rs music video crew and research things you can add into the video like costumes, items, places around the map, and communicate easily with people through a messaging system.

Free, easy to use, and gives some very good Rs help!


Last, but not least is Ventrilio! This program will give you a chance to get some direct contact between you and your Rs music crew. You can either use someone else’s vent server or by your one for about $4. It is not that expensive and it really lets you get to hear the other player’s voices! You can really get to know your crew and get their undivided attention by talking directly to them. It is a great investment for any Rs music video producer and will benefit any player by building friendships while playing the game.

All of these programs are legal to use with the game of Runescape and will help you to produce Rs music videos fast and easy!

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