Rs Music Video Creation Tips: (Part 3) Hiring Your Rs Video Crew

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The Crew

By now, if you read Part 2, you should know how to pick your song. The next thing you need to concentrate on is finding people to help perform and take on rolls in the singing.

The number of people you need depends on the song’s number of voices and also if you want to have other people in the setting of the clips you film. Usually, you will have one or two main singers, which one could be you. Then, if you want, you can get a bunch of people to do the same “emotes” in the background, or to act like they are in a club, or do whatever else your setting and song calls for.

If you are interested in doing Christmas or other holiday songs, there may be 5-20 people you need to hire for the Runescape music video. Hiring this many reliable people in Runescape is one thing, but having to control and keep order amongst all of them to make a Rs video can be even worse! So, let’s jump into some helpful hints to make everything run smoothly.

Hiring Your Crew

There are many ways you can hire a crew. One of the first and best ways to get a wide variety of people interested in working with you on the Rs music videos is in the Runescape forums. Make an ad stating you want to create a group to develop Runescape music videos to post on media sites such as YouTube.

Tell them when you want to create them, how many people you need, what language you want them to type/speak, what their responsibilities would be, what benefits they would receive out of being in the video and any other detail you can give them. The more information you give, the more likely you will be to getting responses from people who are great candidates under your specifications. If you find you aren’t getting anyone interested, you might want to rethink your specifications and requirements.

Another place is to go directly to your friends or the clan you are in. Not in a clan? Maybe think about creating an “Rs Video Clan” where you can have the clan events be to create clan videos. Give higher ranks to people in your clan who show and say they can control their tasks and won’t let you down.

Hiring friends is great because they usually are close to you and understand how you work and what you are like. However, out of all three choices, hiring members of your clan or to be in your new clan would be the best way to get people to participate in your Runescape music videos. You might have one bad apple that will be disruptive, but most of them will be well behaved and complete what you want them to do, as they are already agreed to do so when they joined your clan.

Managing Everyone During Your Rs Video

Doing single person Rs videos with you as the only character in the video is very easy and doesn’t really need any direction to manage your filming. Two to four people is fairly easy, but make sure you let them know to be serious. Five to 20 people in a video can start to get very difficult. The best way to talk in the game and be able to control everyone is in a clan chat. Use your clan chat, even if it isn’t your actual clan. Only let people who are helping you with the video into the clan chat, but make they all agree to pay attention to you. Keeping anyone in the chat that acts up will be reflected in your Runescape video.

Single and clan made videos are the easiest, as you can rely on yourself and other people who have already agreed to be serious. Friends and random people found on the game is more risky and may give you more of a difficult challenge when trying to film. Use clan chats to your advantage to keep any sized group under control.

Once you think you have a good reliable crew, it’s time to find out what features you can add to your Rs video by reading Part 4!

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