Rs Music Video Creation Tips: (Part 4) Features to Better Your Runescape Music Videos

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The Three Best Features

When you watch an Rs video on the internet, it can be a very fun experience to those who have never seen one. However, after you have watched a couple videos, they all begin to feel redundant and they lack creativity. Creativity, good use of emotes, and simply adding in movie animations between clips can add great quality to your Runescape music videos.

Creativity in Your Rs Videos

Every video you see will have the same locations being captured or the same costumes being worn. It is very easy to obtain different costumes and film in locations. However, doing it effectively can be difficult to many groups as players may be in different stages of the game.

So, what can you do? Experiment with everyone getting the same hair colors. It doesn’t have to be the same style, but having the same color will throw the viewer off topic at first sight, which will make your video stand out. Worry the most about the usage of colors in your costumes and the color of your setting you are filming in. If you are filming in winter settings for a Christmas Rs video, get white hair and red costumes. What the Halloween theme? Put on some orange or some dragon armor. It is easy, but many people don’t go into deep thought about the colors and physical features of the Runescape music videos, which makes viewers less interested in their videos.

Which Emotes are the Best?

Many people concentrate on the Skill emotes or the basic dancing emotes to add some coriography into their videos. Are these the best emotes to use? No! Use all the emotes! Don’t limit yourself to what other people have used in their videos. If your song says something about kissing, use the “blow kiss” emote. If a heavier rock part appears in your video, use the headbang emote. Its simple, but it adds character and humor to your Rs music videos.

Rs Video Animations

Without animation, you wouldn’t even have the game Runescape, let alone every other Rs video or video game on the internet. Animations can make or break your Rs music videos. Using them too much could make your video to confusing. Using them too little and your video may seem “old school” to viewers. How can you tell where the happy medium is?

Find a very basic animation to add in-between every video clip. Make sure it is one that will keep the video flowing, but won’t distract the viewer when watching the video. Something like a fading animation would do the trick.

Add in some different animations here and there, but only a couple to keep it clean. Then add in different color animations, lighting features, and writing to complete the video. Make sure everything is kept clean, elegant, and fresh.

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