Rs Music Video Creation Tips: (Part 2) Types of Songs Best for Runescape Music Videos

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Rs Music Video Songs

If you ever search through YouTube and examine the songs used by Runescape players to develop Rs music videos, you can tell there are patterns used between them. Whether its holiday songs, newest hip hop songs, techno beats, or older alternative songs, you can find it made into a Rs video.

However, there are also a number of generas that can’t or are difficult to use, because of their rhythm, pace, or dullness. Also, there are a couple important features you must grasp in your Rs music videos to keep your reputation as a good Runescape music video director. So, let’s take a look at the songs you should use, shouldn’t use, and the qualities you should always keep in mind to create the most attractive and popular Rs music videos.

Good Rs Music Video Songs

Good songs to use for your Rs music videos would be faster paced up-beat, fun songs. Songs like “Barbie Girl” by Aqua and “Beat It” by Michael Jackson would be fun songs which people would be interested in seeing what you could possibly come up with. These songs are popular, amusing, have a history, and will attract many visitors. Your video will turn from basing itself on the question “Why would they choose that song?” to “How did they portray the music using a video game?”, which will ultimately broaden your viewer range by making your music video more appealing than a less popular song. Hip hop, rap, alternative rock, soft rock, and other types of music with slower to medium paced beats and word sayings would be ideal.

Another good tip to remember is look for songs with larger amounts of time allocated to the refrain or corous of the song. This means you will have less video to create, as you can just use the same refrain video clips every time it comes up.

Songs and Music Which Don’t Work Too Well

Once you start getting into faster paced music, you may start to run into trouble when trying to time everything out and keep the music video looking unified. Faster paced music gives a challenge because of the way Rs music videos are performed. Usually the main character, or the “singer”, types the words out as they are said in the song. If there is just screaming or fast jumbled words put together and they go by too quick, you will end up making a very choppy video. It is best to keep to slower sung songs for Runescape music videos to stay away from running into editing errors down the road.

Such music types that do not work too well for Rs music videos are death metal and techno, as they do not have constant words being sung and they are often times very fast paced.

Please note, these still can be used. There is no rule against using any type of music.

The Search for Certain Qualities in Songs

Songs that will gain the most attraction and appeal to viewers are the funnier songs created as remixes or as mash-ups. Usually these songs are made by the same artist or an entirely different artist to give a different view of the song. They can give great twists in videos and will added simple, yet attractive features to your Rs videos.

When picking the song, you might want to consider what your constraints are depending on your forecasted crew helping you, the setting you need to match to the song, and also the type of clothing you will need.

Basically, you will run into every aspect of creating a music video which an actual director might run into, but it is your choice to how well you put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to create a final product. Think about your song wisely. Without a good song, you really can’t produce a quality rs music video.

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