RPG Maker VX: Custom Resources Download

RPG Maker VX: Custom Resources Download

In this article, I’ll share some more great resources for RPG Maker VX.

Televisions (RPG Maker Custom Resource Download)

Author: げゆみ

Link: Click Here!

Although it can be fairly easy to find all sorts of fantasy tilesets for RPG Maker VX, the same can’t be said for modern tilesets.

げゆみ has come up with some really impressive looking television for your modern RPG Maker VX game. Follow the link to download to snag that wonderful art!


Computer Terminals (RPG Maker Custom Resource Download)

Author: 然堂 木

Link: Click Here!

It seems like the time has come for modern RPG Maker VX games! Not only is it possible to use televisions now, it’s also possible to have all sorts of really neat computers!


Stuffed Toys (RPG Maker Custom Resource Download)

Author: konoe

Link: Click Here!

Now we’ve fully geared for those modern rooms, how about some stuffed animals to add some more personality to your maps? Konoe has provided some nice stuffed animals a great variety of colors.


Calendar and Bonsai (RPG Maker Custom Resource Download)

Author: 毒チワワ

Link: Click Here!

Another great addition to a modern setting, this calendar will fit in nicely in those rooms that have too much free space on the walls. The Bonsai also adds some variety to the limited amount of plants available with the RPG Maker VX RTP.

RPG Maker VX: Custom Art

Diagonal Walls (RPG Maker Custom Resource Download)

Author: ちょ

Link: Click Here!

To end this article, ちょー once again goes above and beyond in providing high quality art. This time around, this member shares something which everyone could probably find some use for: diagonal walls.


There is currently only one type of diagonal walls but that shouldn’t stop you from using it for your games! Here’s a screenshot from the author showing how great this is looking in game.


Some More Articles of Interest (RPG Maker VX: Custom Resource Download)

Here’s a few more articles you might be interested to read in case you are looking for new art to use in your RPG Maker VX game.

In this article, I provide some useful links to free music and sound effects for your RPG Maker VX game.

RPG Maker VX: Custom Icons

Interested in using new and unique icons for your RPG Maker VX game? Well, look no further as this article provides hundreds of new icons for your RPG Maker VX game.


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