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Red Dead Redemption Ambient Challenges: Master Hunter Challenges

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/12/2012 • Leave a comment

Meet new and exotic species in Red Dead Redemption, then kill them to complete the game's master hunter ambient challenges. These ten challenges task you with tracking down some of the game's most elusive beasts.

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    Master Hunter 1

    Collect 5 Coyote Pelts

    Coyote tend to run in packs and can be found at night. You should have little trouble locating them, as they tend to be present practically everywhere in the game world. Just take out five with any weapon you like then skin them to complete level one.

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    Master Hunter 2

    John Marston Collect 5 Deer Pelts

    Deer seem to be just about everywhere in the game, but seem to be more prevalent on the American side of the river. Just take out 5 and skin them.

    Just make sure they’re not bucks. Any deer with antlers will not count toward your total.

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    Master Hunter 3

    Collect 5 Wolf Pelts and Kill 5 Wolves With the Melee Knife

    Here’s where the Master Hunter challenges start to get a bit more difficult. (and dangerous). Wolves are found all over the place, and tend to attack in packs. When you find a pack, an effective technique is just to run in and start slashing. Just have medicine in your pack in case you get hurt in the process.

    Don’t forget to skin your kills.

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    Master Hunter 4

    Collect 5 Boar Tusks and 3 Armadillo Carapaces

    This one’s pretty straightforward. Just keep killing boars and armadillos until you get enough tusks and carapaces. You’ll find boar just North of MacFarlane Ranch and around Stillwater Creed. Armadillo tend to hang out near Gaptooth Ridge and all over Nuevo Paraiso.

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    Master Hunter 5

    Your New Red Dead Redemption Mount Will Serve You Well Collect 2 Cougar Pelts and Kill 2 Cougars With the Melee Knife

    Level 5 is one of the hardest Master Hunter challenges. Stillwater Creek is a good place to find cougars, as is Tanner’s Reach, though they tend to spawn randomly throughout the game world. Knifing them is no easy task. You can attempt to weaken them by shooting their legs with a pistol and then finishing them off with the knife, or just practice sidestepping and then slashing at them when they attack.

    Either way, make sure you save immediately if you manage to take one out. Otherwise, your count resets if you get killed on the second attempt.

    Once you’ve completed level 5, you’ll be able to purchase the Buffalo Rifle from any Gunsmith.

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    Master Hunter 6

    Collect 5 Raccoon Pelts, 5 Skunk Pelts, and 5 Fox Pelts

    This one’s a bit easier than level 5. You’ll find Raccoons around Tall Trees, skunks in Cholla Springs, and Foxes near the wreck of the Serendipity just outside Blackwater.

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    Master Hunter 7

    Collect 5 Elk Meat and 5 Bighorn Skins

    You can’t tackle level 7 until you’ve completed the Mexico portion of the story and opened up the West Elizabeth area. You’ll find elk wandering the forest of Tall Trees and Bighorn sheep in the same area and in some parts of Mexico.

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    Master Hunter 8

    Collect 1 Bear Pelt and Kill 1 Bear With Your Melee Knife

    Another seemingly-sadistic challenge is level 8, requiring you to take out a bear with almost your bare (pun intended) hands. It’s best to wound the bear with a firearm until it begins to flee, then chase after it and finish it off with your knife. This can be done from horseback.

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    Master Hunter 9

    4897570aaa Search Ojo del Diablo for “Khan," the Legendary Jaguar and Collect his Pelt.

    The location for this one should be fairly obvious. Head out to Ojo del Diablo and walk around for a bit. Eventually, Khan will appear on your mini map. Track him down and use your most powerful weapon to take him out.

    He’s tougher than a cougar, and can take a Buffalo Rifle shot and survive, so be sure to fire multiple times.

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    Master Hunter 10

    Jack Marston Search Aurora Basin for "Lobo" the Legendary Wolf, Stillwater Creek for "Gordo" the Legendary Boar, and Nekoti Rock for "Brumas" the Legendary Bear and Collect Their Pelts.

    Your final Master Hunter challenge is a rather involved one. You’ll need to head to each of the locations mentioned and track down the requisite legendary animal. Once they appear on your map, take them out and move on to the next one. Once all three are dead, you’ve completed the Master Hunter challenges.

    Your reward for finishing all 10 levels is the ability to harvest “Vittles" from any animal you skin. Vittles act like medicine and replenish your health.

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