Red Dead Redemption "The Escape" Co Op Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "The Escape" Co Op Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“The Escape”

In The Escape,” Walton’s gang is trading gold for guns with the Mexican Army.

You and your co op partners will need to shut down the arms shipment.

Attack the Wagon Train

You and your posse will start out on the hill overlooking a small settlement and a wagon filled with gold. Stay behind cover as much as possible and move in on the bad guys. A small group will advance on your position while the majority of the gang takes cover near the small house.

Your main concern at this point is the Gatling gun mounted on the back of one of the wagons at the camp. Take out the gunner as quickly as possible and keep an eye on the gun. Kill anyone who runs for it.

Keep moving in and clear out all the bad guys, then jump aboard the Gold Coach to continue.

Run to Benedict Point

Drive and Shoot in Red Dead Redemption

Once you’ve taken the Gold Coach, you’ll need to drive it to Benedict point. Your whole gang can hop in the coach, or you can have a couple members take the other wagon, complete with Gatling gun, and cover your escape.

Either way, you’ll need to head out to Benedict Point. The gang members are none too pleased about losing their gold, and will attack in waves as you do so. Keep moving, and take out the attackers as they approach. Keep an eye on your mini map to get a little extra warning.

Assault on Tumbleweed

Take Cover In Red Dead

The gold has been returned to the army, but you’ll have to clear Walton’s gang out of the nearby town of Tumbleweed to truly remove the threat. Hop on your horse or borrow one from the military and head toward the yellow waypoint.

The town is heavily fortified with Gatling guns and cannons. Your best bet is to take the cannons on the ridge as you first enter the town, then use them to clear out the rest of the town. Keep your head down if you start getting shot at, and work together with your teammates.

A good strategy is to have a teammate or two head down into the town while another covers them with the cannon. Just be sure to soften up the defenses a bit with the cannons before you head down. Communicate and let the posse members on the ground call out the locations of hard to see bad guys.

The mansion atop the hill is filled with enemies, so bombarding it with the cannons is a great idea, as well.

Betrayal at Benedict Point

When you get back to Benedict Point, the army will change their mind and decide you and your companions are traitors. A showdown

DUeling in Red Dead Redemption

ensues, and you’ll have to work fast to take out the soldiers before they can kill you.

Once the initial squad is down, you’ll have to clear out the remaining soldiers nearby. Use cover and you should have little problem.

When the area is clear, you’ll need to retake the reins of the Gold Coach and escape to Mexico.

Run for the Border

Wagon in Red Dead Redemption

Pile your posse into the Gold Coach and follow the prescribed route. The army is none too pleased about you taking their gold, and will try to stop you repeatedly as you head for the bridge across the river to Mexico.

Use your mini map to spot incoming horsemen and keep an eye out for snipers hiding beside the road as you pass. Keep driving and shooting until you get across the bridge.

Once you cross into Mexico, your mission is complete.

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