Red Dead Redemption "The Kidnapped Girl" Co Op Mission Guide and Walkthrough

Red Dead Redemption "The Kidnapped Girl" Co Op Mission Guide and Walkthrough
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“The Kidnapped Girl”

You’ll return to Fort Mercer in the “The Kidnapped Girl” co op mission as you attempt to save a local farmer’s daughter. Your job is to storm the fort and return her safely to her family.

If you’ve done the Fort Mercer gang hideout, you should have some idea what to expect in this mission. The fort is heavily defended, with Gatling guns out near the perimeter, so you’ll need to move forward cautiously.

A crate with some explosives lies in front of you when you spawn. One of your posse members should pick up the dynamite, you’re going to need it to get inside.

Head to the top of the hill and take cover behind the giant boulders. Take out the gunners near the entrance to the fort first. Take out the snipers atop the walls, as well. Once the front is clear, move in, but keep an eye on the walls.

When the coast is clear, have the explosive carrier head up and plant the charge. Once he does, take up positions near the Gatling guns and be ready for a deluge of bad guys after you activate the detonator.

Explosive Entrance

Red Dead Redemption Weapons Dynamite

When the gate blows, the gang members inside are understandably upset. Have a posse member or two man the Gatling guns to soften up the inner defenses, then move in and clear them out from the courtyard.

Once the front courtyard is clear of outlaws, you’ll need to head to the rear.

Hostage Negotiations

Take Cover In Red Dead

Head to the rear of the fort. You can climb the ladders in the courtyard to get a bird’s eye view of the bad guys back there or just storm through the gate.

You’ll need to kill all the guards around the kidnapped girl to rescue her, but be careful not to hit her. You’ll find her atop one of the structures in the back. Once her guards are done, walk up to her to continue.

Once you get close to her, she runs to the nearby stagecoach. Once she’s safely on board, take the reins and head to Ridgewood Farm.

Delivery Boys

Your destination route is marked in yellow on your map. Follow it, dodging attacking riders and some positioned atop a railroad trestle.

Keep going until you reach the farm, and get ready to defend yourself.

Shootout at Ridgewood Farm

Revolver in Red Dead Redemption

The farm is swarming with bad guys. Once you arrive, your hostage runs into the house, and it’s your job to clear out the surrounding area. Retreat into the house if you need cover, and stick with your companions in case one of you is taken out.

Pay special attention to the bad guys on the ridge. Take them out as quickly as possible. After the initial wave of bandits is taken out, a group of riders appear and you’ll have to put them all down.

Once the bandits are all dead and the farmer’s daughter is saved, your mission is complete.

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