Red Dead Redemption "Eva in Peril" Stranger Mission Guide

Red Dead Redemption "Eva in Peril" Stranger Mission Guide
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Red Dead Redemption Eva in Peril - Getting Started

In order to start the Red Dead Redemption “Eva in Peril” stranger quest, you’re going to need to head on over to a place in Mexico called “Casa Madrugada” – it’s relatively easy to find as it’s a pretty long name and defiantly stands out on the map. If you’re unable to locate it for whatever reason, refer to the image on the right.

When you’re at Casa Madrugada, check your map (the one found on the Main Menu) for a “?” mark. This is, as any Red Dead Redemption player should know by now, the location of the Stranger. Approach it. A cut-scene will begin where a man, named Mario, is hitting a woman, Eva, for no reason. During said cut-scene you will learn that Mario owns Eva. Eva wants to be set free, so Mario tells the player that for $200 he will set her free.

In order to actually continue on with the Stranger quest, you will need to pay Mario the $200. Simply shooting him will fail the quest, as Eva will run away. After you’ve paid Mario $200 Eva says that she is going to become a nun. The quest is not over yet.

Red Dead Redemption Eva in Peril - Finding Eva

As stated above, Eva, after paying $200 to Mario in order to set her free, informs you that she wants to become a nun and heads to Las Hermanas. You’ll need to wait a few in-game days before you’re able to continue on the Stranger quest. The number of days you’ll need to wait is at least 2 – so if you’re solely focusing on this quest just go to a house and save several times in a row to make time go faster.


The “?” mark will appear in Las Hermanas so head there once the mark appears on the map. Once there, head inside the church and confront the nun at the altar. Marston will ask if she’s seen Eva anywhere. The nun will explain that she did, but Eva suddenly took off with a man. It becomes immediately clear that Mario has something to do with this.

You will be given a new location to head off to. The location is actually pretty close to where you are right now (Las Hermanas) so finding a flat bit of land to set up camp in order to use the Fast Travel feature will not be necessary. Find the newly placed “?” mark on your Main Menu map and make your way there.

Red Dead Redemption Eva in Peril - Quest Complete

The location is called Sepulcro, and is a cemetery. Approach it through the front entrance. A cut-scene will begin where Mario is in the middle of digging. Marston approaches him and asks what’s going on. Mario calmly says “nothing” which is an obvious lie. Marston looks down at what he’s digging and to much surprise it’s Eva. She’s dead. Marston immediately begins to get angry and asks Mario if he’ll get his $200 back, or if he’s going to need to kill him for it. This is where a duel begins.


Once you’ve killed Mario in the duel, the Stranger quest is over. Approach Mario’s body and loot it. You will get your $200 back as well as a little bit on top.


All screenshots and references from Red Dead Redemption.

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