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Red Dead Redemption Poppycock Guide
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Getting Started - Red Dead Redemption Poppycock Guide

In order to begin the Red Dead Redempton Poppycock Stranger side-quest, you’ll need to head over to a place in Mexico called “Chuparosa”. If you’ve unlocked Mexico and carried on with the main story-line there (even if it was only a couple of missions) then chances are you’ve already been to Chuparosa.

Once there, seek out a man named Uriah Tollets. Don’t worry too much about having to search around town for him as there will be “?” mark on your map once you’re close to him. Tollets will ask Marston to pick up a package. Sounds simple enough, but he then tells Marston that the reason why he can’t get it himself is because the place that the package is waiting at is currently in the middle of a shootout taking place between rebels and the Mexican army. Tollets asks you to obtain the package and deliver it to a man waiting at El Matadero.

Obtaining The Package

What you’re going to need to do next is head on over to the package’s location, which is Nosalida. Once there, you will be told to head to a yellow “X” mark which is placed next to a Mexican soldier. In a short cut-scene, he will ask for your help in clearing out the rebels from the village. This is the first time you will be able to use Fire Bottles. What you’ll need to do is burn down certain houses that have been marked on your mini-map with a yellow circle.


However, you should first focus on getting rid of the rebels as they will prove quite a problem if you try to go out and throw a couple of Fire Bottles while exposed to gun-fire – it will only result in you getting gunned down. There aren’t too many rebels to take out, but they are pretty spread out across the village, hiding behind houses, fences and crates. Whatever your strategy may be with regards to taking these rebels out, do not simply attempt to stay out in the open and use Dead Eye – you will torn to shreds within seconds.

Once all enemies have been neutralised, houses burned and you’ve returned to the Mexican soldier to claim your reward for helping, it’s time to pick up the package (will be visible on your mini-map) and deliver it.

Quest Complete

Juan de la Vara is the man you’re going to need to deliver the package to. He will appear on your map (Main Menu) as a purple “?". If you have several other “?” marks on your map –possibly from other, currently active Stranger quests, and need to know which town he is in; he can be found in El Matadero.


Approach him. A cinematic will begin where Marston hands the package to Juan de la Vara. Once it’s over, you will be given $1000 to take to Tollets. Once you approach Tollets once more, another cinematic will begin where Tollets explain that the package contains Opium, which makes Marston angry. At the end of the cut scene you will be given two options: either give Tollets the money or kill him and keep the $1000 for yourself. Either option will complete the quest.

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