Red Dead Redemption Flowers for a Lady

Red Dead Redemption Flowers for a Lady
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Red Dead Redemption Flowers for a Lady - Getting Started

In order to begin this Strangers quest, you’ll need to head over to Stillwater Creek. It should be pretty easy to find on your map, but just in-case you get lost, it’s in Hennigan’s Stead, New Austin.

As you near the area, check your map (in the main menu) to see a slightly faint “?” mark. As you get closer to the mark, you’ll notice that it becomes much clearer – obviously you’ll want to head straight there. There will be an old man named Billy West picking flowers; this is the stranger. Approach him to start a cinematic. In the cinematic, Billy explains that he wants to pick a special bunch of flowers for his wife, Annabel, for their 50th anniversary.

Now that you’ve gotten the quest, it’s time to find the flowers that he wants, which are 3 WIld Feverfew, 3 Red Sage and 3 Desert Sage.

Red Dead Redemption Flowers for a Lady - Wild Feverfew

Wild Feverfew are actually found right next to Billy West’s location, so it’s best if you first focus on picking these flowers. Wild Feverfew are quite easy to locate as they are white and are always located near grass, making them stick out – if possible, try looking for them during the day and/or use a Survival Map to get an advantage while scouting them out.


Where there is one Wild Feverfew, there are bound to be more around it. Refer to the image on the right to get an idea of where you should focus looking.

Red Dead Redemption Flowers for a Lady - Red Sage

Red Sage can, quite frankly, be hard to track down. They are rare to find in groups as they are normally scattered around the more dry areas of New Austin. In order to maximise chances of finding Red Sage, head over to Rio Bravo and travel on the roads with your horse. Red Sage can typically be found next to roads, so be sure to keep an eye out.


Again, it’s recommended that you use a Survival Map and scout around for Red Sage during the day, as the flowers are dark red and surrounded by dark green leaves. The image on the right shows the plains of Rio Bravo.

Red Dead Redemption Flowers for a Lady - Desert Sage

Now that you’ve collected three Red Sage and Wild Feverfew flowers, all that remains are the Desert Sage. There are several locations in which Desert Sage can be found, but it’s highly recommended that you stick to Gaptooth Ridge when scouting for them as they are much easier to find; there’s also a larger quantity there.


Desert Sage are green and anyone who’s played Red Dead Redemption will know, that might make things a little tricky, so here’s what you do: When in Gaptooth Ridge, look for green plants that have around them purple flowers – there you will find Desert Sage.

Red Dead Redemption Flowers for a Lady - Quest Complete

Once you’ve obtained 3 WIld Feverfew, 3 Red Sage and 3 Desert Sage with the assistance of the tips above, it’s time to head back to Billy West. There should be a purple “?” mark where the original white mark was. This is West’s location, as I’m sure you’d of figured out. Head there.

Approaching him will trigger a cinematic where John Marston hands West the flowers. West then invites Marston into his home to meet the wife. Marston accepts, after trying to reject it. Once inside, you’ll find out that his wife, Annabel, is actually dead and that Billy West is, well, crazy. Annabel’s corpse sits on a rocking chair, and West treats her as if she’s alive.

Marston, after talking with West for a bit, makes an excuse to get out of the house. The rewards you will reap from completing Red Dead Redemption Flowers for a Lady are as follows:

  • Honor: 50
  • Fame: 5

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