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Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Recruiting Okeer "Warlord"

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Bill Fulks ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Well, we're going into to recruit a krogan warlord called Okeer. This means a full raid on a Blue Suns research base and a fight against their hordes of rabid krogan inside the lab. If you need any help recruiting a krogan or killing Jedore, then look here.

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    We're here to recruit Okeer. He's behind a whole lot of Blue Suns and rabid krogan though. We've got our work cut out for us. This is another combat mission. Rush ahead and smash right into the listening post. There are three guards here, so take them down. They shouldn't even have shields. Go forward and talk to the “wounded mercenary.”

    You can offer him some medi-gel to get him talking and you can learn about Okeer and his work. Near the end of the conversation he'll get a radio transmission calling for a report on the nearby krogan packs. The paragon path can get him to send the patrol home, while the renegade one can lead the Blue Suns into an ambush. If you can't do either, he'll lose his nerve and try to warn them. A renegade interrupt can kill him before he does. It's all pretty much up to you and your style, since it doesn't make much of a difference.

    Once you've taken care of him, move over to the next area and engage the Blue Suns guards.

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    A Krogan Army

    There are a few on the balcony. Just take them down. There should be two on each of the next sets of bridges. Just keep grinding through them and turn to the right. There are a few heavies at this last spot, so don't just rush into the area. Just one more spot before the break. There's a few more Blue Suns fighting a krogan. He's friendly so just kill the Blue Suns. You can talk to the krogan. He'll clear some rubble out of the way and let you into the base. He'll also stay back to join the general krogan attack.Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Recruiting Okeer - Killing Blue Suns 

    At roughly this point, Okeer lets all the krogans loose to attack the Blue Suns. This is part of the reason that you're only facing a smaller guard group the whole time. We've still got our work cut out for us though. Advance into the base and gun down a few more mercenaries. Cover's a little scarce, so try to be careful. The big challenge is the large series of bridges up ahead. There will be a few mercenaries and a few krogans coming in from the top. The krogans will continue to spawn until you make it to the door.

    The mercenaries are nothing new. The problem is that the krogan have a bit of an advantage here. There are several pathways and it's hard to really watch your back. Hopefully your squad will keep you covered. Thankfully there's a fair bit of cover and their armor isn't absurdly strong. Jack can also toss them around like rag dolls once you wreck their armor. Incinerate and shockwave can pretty much win the whole battle.

    Leapfrog from point to point until you make it to the door and up to the next area. You can scan a sniper rifle here for some research for a damage upgrade.

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    Finding Okeer and Killing Jedore

    The rest of the area is a standard grind. You should know what to do by now. Just shoot through their shields and toss them around. Just keep pushing forward. It's all one big linear path without anything too interesting. Once you go up another set of stairs you should find one moderately challenging area. This one is split between an upper and lower level. You can get flanked if you don't watch out. I suggest you cover the upper half and then flank the bottom.

    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Grunt - Jedore 

    We're almost home free. You just need to break through a few more mercenaries. Use the wall for cover and take them down. The base is right ahead. The first research room with the dead krogan will be empty for people playing a new game. Players with an old game might see Rana Thanoptis here, if they didn't kill her last game. Nothing much comes of it though beyond the reference.

    Get some credits from the computer and then go through the door to reach the final area. Okeer is here with his one good specimen. Things can't ever go easily though. Gas will start to pour into the room and you'll have to go kill Jedore. This commander is the woman who's been making the annoying announcements all game, so let's shut her up.

    Hack the terminal here for the Krogan Vitality research. When you're ready go out the door and down to the lab below. Jedore is pretty standard for a boss. She can call up krogan from the pods and use a heavy mech. Once she's done messing with the pods at the beginning, she'll fall back behind the pods and use her rocket launcher against you. Her aim isn't that great. These are standard guys and they should come at you one at a time. The area by the entrance has plenty of cover and the pods come between you and the heavy. If you can, help your squad lay some fire down on the mech and bring it down. Since it shouldn't have a clear line of sight on you, you should be able to wear it down with abilities.

    Once the mech is down the battle is basically over. If you can't get a clean shot at Jedore, then you can just storm across and flank her. She dies pretty quickly if you can use some heavy fire at point blank range.

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    Recruiting Grunt

    Backtrack up to Okeer to find that he died saving his specimen. You need to take the tank with you regardless.

    We actually have a bit of work to do with our new krogan friend still. On board the Normandy, go down to the bottom section and get to the cargo port. Save before you open his tank, in case you mess things up. It is possible that you'll end up killing grunt if it goes really badly.

    When you release him, he'll charge and pin you against the wall. It seems that Grunt just wants a good commander. You can prove yourself worthy by using the paragon or renegade option to put him in line. If you can't use either, don't worry. Just try to talk him down. When he tries to kill you, you should get a chance for a renegade interrupt to just put a few rounds into his gut. He'll respect your willingness to defend yourself and join your crew.

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