Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Recruiting Jack - Freeing Jack

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Recruiting Jack - Freeing Jack
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Recruiting Jack is a fairly quick combat mission. I suggest you bring some heavy hitters though. I used Garrus and Mordin. Mordin is useful for

tearing through armor and Garrus is a decent all-around soldier. If you have Grunt already, then you can use him too. Regardless, go inside. There isn’t an option to turn over your guns since you’re not stupid. Walk through the prison ship Purgatory and follow the path to processing.

As you’re walking you’ll see a guard beating a prisoner called Bimmy. You can talk to the guard and pick the obvious choices for paragon or renegade points. You can also talk to the prisoner next to him for some information on Jack.

You can’t go down the branching path just yet, so just go through the door into the area that looks like a laundry room. Once you try to open the door in back, we’ll see that another guy decided to betray us. I guess they never learn. So we’re going to have to shoot up a whole bunch of Blue Suns.

Freeing Jack

Mass Effect 2 Guide - Recruiting Jack

Take cover behind a desk and just gun down the first wave of Blue Suns that charge into the room. Approach the door but duck behind the desk closest to the exit. Another wave should be moving towards us and it’s a lot easier to fight them in here. Gun down a few more Blue Suns and a few FENRIS bots. These annoying little mechs are just weak varren, so I doubt it will cause much trouble for you.

Go out into the hallway and shoot a few more bots. When you turn to the left, you should hug the wall and take cover behind the little bit of wall that juts out. Take out the few stragglers from the Blue Suns and then go into the control room. The technician will try to kill you, but he’s unarmored and only has a pistol. Take him out and gun down the bot too.

Go ahead and grab some element zero from the room and then use the panel to unleash Jack and her special blend of fury.


She’s a little overzealous, so we need to get moving. There’s no time limit though, so don’t rush and get yourself killed. Go down the ramp and into the containment room. The heavy mechs are dead. Scan one of them for an armor upgrade though.

Mass Effect 2 - Jack - Escaping Purgatory

Go to the next area and follow Jack’s path of destruction. You should come out in a main hall and see the big battle. There’s a large group of prisoners fighting the guards. They’re up against a heavy mech though, so they’re pretty much toast. The guards and most of the prisoners should already be dead by the time you get to the fight. Just take up a position on the bridge. I suggest you just leave the prisoners alone. They should stick to the mech and serve as a distraction. Starting putting some rounds into the mech. You should feel free to use your heavy weapon too. There will be more power cells in the next room, so you might as well bust out the grenade launcher or the missiles. Just knock out its shield with rapid fire and then tear it up with Mordin’s incinerate. It will die pretty quickly. Finish off any prisoners or guards that somehow survived, then search the area. There’s a shotgun by a dead guard that we can scan for increased damage. There’s also a prisoner’s data pad that we can hack if you go around to the upper left side. It has about 4,500 credits on it.

When you’re ready, go to the next room. You should be able to get some more ammo for your heavy weapon and loot another guard. The next room is full of guards, so get out a good weapon and run out to the crates. Take cover and kill the four guards at the entrance. You can shoot the explosive can to kill the two above you quickly.

Those structures in the trench are perfect for cover, so follow the low road and approach the bridge. A huge wave of guards should come out. Just hold firm at your position and keep gunning them down. There’s no real trick to killing the guards. You just need to use whatever weapons you have to pick them off one by one. We also need to hang back. There’s a mech on the bridge past this one and we don’t want to fight that while we’re still dealing with the guards. Take out as many as you can and then advance under the bridge to the next spot of cover. The heavy mech should turn on and start it’s attack run. It’s not any different from the first, but you’ll still need to watch out. Use your heavy weapons to bring down the shields and cause some real damage.

Once it’s dead, advance and go into the final room.

The Warden

You should see Warden Kuril here. He’s behind a big shield that completely protects him. You need to knock out the three shield generators and bring him down. This is actually pretty easy.

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Jack - Warden Kuril

Take cover and waste the first three guards. This shouldn’t be any challenge for you. Go ahead and put a few rounds into the generator’s midsection to destroy it. The second pylon is over on the left. You should be able to just run over and destroy it. Only one guard should rush out to stop you, and he’s too far away to be accurate. You can take cover and take him out now if you want though.

The third pylon on the right is the tricky one. The best way to get there is to double back and cross the bridge, which leaves you really exposed. There’s also a Blue Suns Commander on the other side. He’s got shields and armor and he can pack a lot of firepower. If he and another guard get a bead on you, then you’re dead. Make sure your squad is ready to cover you, and storm across the bridge to the crates. Help your teammates kill the commander and another guard who should be in the area.

After they’re distracted or dead, destroy the generator to bring down the shield. The warden isn’t actually that tough. His main strength is that he can cause a ton of damage quickly. So just hang back and use your heavy weapons to bring him down quickly. Once he’s dead, you’ll finish the level. Any conversation path should convince Jack to join.

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