Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Recruiting Mordin - The Slums

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Recruiting Mordin - The Slums
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It’s important to get Mordin quick, since that’s the only way to get access to your upgrades. Mordin’s clinic is located in the quarantined slums of Omega. You’ll need to talk to Aria first. The slums are accessible by taking a left when you leave Afterlife (or a right from the ship). Head through the right door toward the apartments and turn when you reach the crazy prophet. The turian guard at the end of the hallway controls access to the slums.

If you have a decent bit of paragon or renegade, then you can convince him to agree to let you into the slums and tell the guards about it. If you don’t have enough of either for the extra choice, then you’ll have to shoot your way past the district guards when you get there. It’s not a big deal though. There should just be three guys by a barricade. No reason to not skip a fight though.

Note that you can take Garrus or Grunt into the quarantine area. They’ll start to get sick, but Mordin will cure them at the end.

Shooting through the Slums

Either walk past or kill the district guards depending on how you were able to deal with the first gatekeeper. Walk through their roadblock and round the corner and you should see two Blue Suns at the end of the path. Just take them out. You can inspect the area. There’s a bank terminal to hack. You can bypass a door in back to see a few dead Blue Suns in a sealed room. There is a sick Bactarian lying on the ground. He marks the path we need to take.

Go ahead and talk to him. You can get a bit of background information before the plague starts to claim him. You can use a paragon interrupt to get him some medi-gel and save him. You can then get some more paragon points for promising to get some help for him and also find out a bit more about Mordin’s clinic. If you just let him die, you can get 2000 credits from a data pad he drops.

Whatever happens, walk past. There’s another room you can bypass to find a dead Bactarian’s apartment. There’s a log about the quarantine and a wall safe you can loot. Head back out and approach the next area. There’s a Blue Suns barricade up ahead. I suggest that you just get behind a pillar and engage them from the first floor. You can go up the stairs and get the high ground, but I felt it was a little unnecessary.

You should be able to hold out just fine, especially since the mercenaries will have to leave the cover of the blockade to flank you if you stay on the floor. Once they’re dead, you can explore a bit more. There is a locked apartment in back. You can go inside to get access to another safe and find some refugees. You can get some renegade or paragon points through the conversation and tell them to follow your path of destruction to the clinic.

When you’re ready, go around and behind the Blue Suns barricade and scan the assault rifle on the ground. Then keep going and get to the next area.

The Clinic

This is actually a bit of a tough fight, so be ready. When you turn the corner, you’ll find a few Blue Suns trying to take down the Blood Pack mercenaries. The Blue Suns don’t have a chance and should die right after you enter. There are two vantage points for the fight. You can go up the stairs behind you to get some height on the Blood Pack. You can also just take up the Blue Suns position for cover.

I liked taking the Blue Suns' position. The worst that can happen in this standoff is that a Krogan will rush you. You have plenty of time to wear him down before he makes it to you though. The stairs don’t offer the same no man’s land. It might take a second, but you should be able to just tear through the vorcha when they peek out from cover. After you feel that you’ve taken out the bulk of the force, go up and clear out any stragglers from point blank range. You’ll know that you’re done because someone in your party should mention how much land the Blue Suns has already lost to the Vorcha.

You can go into a side room to find some looters. There isn’t much to say. You should have a chance to tell them to leave. You can either kill them or let them go with a warning. It’s your call.

Our main goal is just right around the corner. The door behind the Blood Pack barricade leads right to the clinic. Just go inside and walk to the back. Mordin will be working on a patient.

The Vorcha Line

Start a conversation with him to learn about the plague. There’s a renegade interrupt where you can demand that he take a breath between sentences. Use it if you want.

Mass Effect 2 Guide - Mordin - Blood Pack

As he explains the mission to put the cure into the ventilation system, the vorcha will shut it off. This doesn’t actually put a time limit on us, but it does mean that we’re charging into a tough battle. Mordin will hand you the upgraded version of the heavy pistol before you leave though. This baby can blow vorcha apart easily, so use it well.

Before you leave the clinic for the mission, walk around Mordin’s surgery room and the storage room next door. There are some minerals, some medi-gel, and some research you can scan to get an upgrade on medi-gel capacity. When you’re ready to leave, head out to the front and go out the other exit.

Move forward and poke your head out into the large room. You can take cover on the wall and leave out. If you can, then put a round into the pyro’s tank. That will kill the front guards with the explosion. You can also hit the tanks in back to set a few of the rear guards on fire. Take cover by the pillar and set in for another attack. There are a lot of vorcha here along with a krogan. Once again, you should have plenty of room to form a good killing ground. It really shouldn’t cause any problems.

Push forward and use the next set of pillars to mop up the rest. A few more should come down the steps. There should be a krogan and a pyro. The pillars make for great cover so you should be able to just hold your ground.

Go up the steps and look around. The room on the left has Daniel and the bactarians in it. This is tricky. The normal conversation path usually won’t save Daniel. If you signal your henchmen, they’ll get a shot off and kill Daniel. It’s also hard to talk them down. The renegade interrupt just gets everyone killed too. The surefire way to do it is to use a paragon or renegade conversation piece to get them to step down.

If you talk them down, you still have a decision to make. You can let them go for the paragon side or choose the renegade path and kill them. Note that this doesn’t involve a real battle like when they kill Daniel. Your men will just execute them before they get a shot off at Daniel. Note that Mordin actually feels that you should kill them, so don’t worry about blowback from him.

Once you’re done, move on and through the next set of doors.

The Boom-Squad

There should be three vorcha on the other side of the divide. Just gun them down quickly while you use the wall for cover. Go through the door and around to the platform below. Take cover and engage the vorcha on the “boom-squad.” Their rocket launchers pack one heck of a punch, so take them out carefully. Look over the platform and gun down the waves of vorcha that try to move up. I counted three rocket soldiers on the upper balcony and three waves of reinforcements for the lower floor. Apparently you can get more if you really drag your feet, so keep moving as you clear the area.

Go through the doors at the bottom and you should run right into the vorcha who shut off the vents. There should be four vorchas with rocket launchers and you can’t talk them down. Once the conversation ends, just take cover and take them down. Follow EDIs directions and go to the input area in the back of the room to inject the cure into the system. Before you do, you might want to save. We’re getting ready for a big fight.

Turning on the Fans

The fans are also shutdown, so we need to get them back on. There will be a steady battle in the main room though. To start with, just run out and take cover. There should be a few more boom-squad vorchas on the upper balcony across from you. Just take them out carefully. Lay down some fire on the few soldiers that are at the other end.

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Mordin - The Fans

I suggest that you turn right. There’s no reason, except the one on the left has a bunch of boom-squad people who will keep you pinned down. You might as well hang back and deal with them later. The right side is fairly clear. Just take cover by the pillar and shoot the few Blood Pack boys that leave the fan room. Go inside and flip the switch.

We’ve got to fight our way back though. A few more vorcha are covering the exit. Just take cover on the doorway and use the heavy pistol to tear them apart. Go up to the ramp and cross over. The big problem is that the left side is covered by an upper balcony with a bunch of trigger happy boom-squad vorcha. You have to take them out before you can hope to make it to the fan room. There will be a few krogan and some vorcha moving up from the fan room to your position though, so keep an eye out. Note that a krogan can use a concussion shot to knock you out of cover and expose you to all the rocket fire, so they need to die fast.

There’s no real trick other than careful fire and good use of abilities. You should be able to gun down anyone trying to move up the ramp, so you’re fairly safe as long as you only pop out when a rocket isn’t incoming. They don’t seem to have good aim either, so you’re fairly safe. Once the balcony is clear, run down and clear out the few stragglers. Then just sprint to the fan room and throw the switch. You automatically go back to the clinic once the fans are working.

Mordin will thank you and join your squad after he confirms the cure. If Daniel is alive, then he’ll get to take over the clinic. He’ll also comment on your actions toward the bactarians. Mordin will ask if you want to meet him on the ship or stay in the clinic. If you missed anything or want to talk to anyone, then you can stay. The refugees and the sick bactarian will be here now if you want to get some brief thanks from them. Otherwise just go back to the Normandy and welcome your new companion.

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