Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Finding Archangel

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough - Finding Archangel
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I suggest getting Archangel as your first person. Mordin is great too, but I figure that you might want some extra firepower before you go into the slums. The vorcha there can pack a pretty good punch, so I figure you could use a soldier for some help.

To get Archangel, all you have to do is head to Omega. This should probably be your first stop after you start anyway. Head into Afterlife and talk to Aria. She can give you a tip to his location. It seems like our new friend declared war against three mercenary companies. He’s pinned down and we need to get him out. We get to play a pretty nice betrayal though before we’re done.

Go talk to the mercenary recruiter in the club. He’s right next to Aria so just walk down the ramp and talk to him. He’ll take you inside and explain the plan to you. Agree to join the suicide squad and walk out. You’ll run into a teenager on your way out. You can choose to just send him on his way and be a renegade. He’ll be the first to get sniped in the freelancer rush. For a paragon outcome you need to ask him how old he is and use the paragon interrupt to take the gun away from him and send him home. We’re going to get all the freelancers killed, so it only makes sense to spare the kid if you’re a good guy.

Walk out of the club and go talk to the Blue Suns driver by the taxis. When you step out of the club, he’ll be on the right side. He should also be marked. Just talk to him when you’re ready to go. Note that you have to finish the mission once you start, so make sure you’re really ready. You should be fine with the starting equipment though.


Step out and go to the mercenary forward base. You can talk to the different groups to get some information. Jaroth just has a little commentary on the assault. There is a contract in back that discusses Tarak’s plans for Aria. It seems that here little alliance is a target after Archangel. Pick it up and give it to Aria later for some free credits. The important thing is that the Eclipse equipment room is just past him. Walk out of their break room and go off to the side supply room.

Mass Effect 2 - Omega - Archangel - Sabotaging the Mercs

Now, in case you were ignoring EDI, you need to take advantage of our privileges around here to hurt the mercs. It will make the fight to come a whole lot easier.

There’s a heavy mech here that we can sabotage. Look at the panel in front of it and pull off a simple bypass. This will reset the targeting and give the Eclipse mercs a bit of a surprise.

The Blood Pack are in the next room. They won’t have much to say unless you dragged Grunt along with you.

Go ahead out to the main hall. Don’t worry. Archangel shouldn’t shoot you. He’s too busy with the other freelancers anyway. Cross the hall and hack your way into the medical station. You can scan a new submachine gun tech in here and also get some money.

We’re almost done. You can go talk to the Blue Suns through the other side hall if you want. Our ultimate goal is finding Sergeant Cathka though. You’ll have to talk to his assistant first, but this will start the fight. When you’re done asking questions he’ll get the call to send out the freelancers. This is our que to finally get to Archangel. Note that he’s staying behind, all alone, to work on the gunship. The renegade interrupt will jam that sharp tool right into his back. This means that the ship will only be about 70% repaired for the final battle. Everyone except hardcore paragons should go ahead and kill him.

When you go out onto the bridge, you’ll show your true colors and start killing the mercenaries. Just shoot the first few freelancers in the back and charge to the base. Kill another few and clear the stairs. You shouldn’t even really need to bother with taking cover. Get upstairs and find Archangel to meet up with an old friend.

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