Lord of the Rings Online - Overview Of The Scholar Crafting Profession

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Archaeologists of Middle-Earth

Vocations: Historian

The scholar is a fascinating profession that takes scraps of ancient lore and uses them to create scrolls that enhance a wide variety of abilities, dyes and salves to restore morale and power. They also produce a great number of items that support the hunter class, such as traps. They’re one of the few crafting classes that produces almost nothing but consumables, so you can expect to have lot of business extended over a long period of time. You can even make some money once you’ve mastered a tier by selling crafting bonus scrolls or some potions, but the best money only comes for when you’ve reached grandmaster. Scholar nodes are rarer than forestry or mining ones, as you will often only really find them in the various above ground ruins and underground dungeons of Middle-Earth. It levels slower than many other crafts because of this, as you will have to have a keen eye in order to find all of the pieces of lore that you need to become a more advanced scholar.

Hunter potions like Fire Oil, which changes bow damage from whatever it does ordinarily to fire, also often sell very well. Many monster types are particularly vulnerable to various elemental damage types, so those oils often help hunters make more experience and gold faster. Scholars also often get items that give reputation bonuses to the various factions in the game while they’re digging for ancient secrets. You can use those yourself or sell them to other players for a tidy profit.

One of their most interesting items are Grandmaster Journals for each different profession. Those journals add massive amounts to the critical chance of crafting, making them a must-have for other crafters looking to crank out superior items. They stack with metalsmith crafted tools and other scholar scrolls, so these big-ticket items come in handy.

Scholars also produce wonderful scrolls that give out fellowship party buffs. You can either use these yourself or sell them to others, as they’re usable by anyone. Many of these scrolls act specifically to reduce the power cost and effectiveness of lore-master abilities, so the Historian vocation is often a good choice for those interested in playing as a lore-master. Many scholar recipes are only dropped by monsters and chests out in the world, so it behooves most scholars to get out into the field to conduct serious research. Overall, the scholar is a very well balanced trade skill that supports both adventurers and crafters equally.

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