Lord of the Rings Online - Overview Of The Woodworker Crafting Profession In LOTRO

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Because “clubsmith” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Vocations: Armsman, Woodsman

Woodworkers take treated wood and turn it into bows, clubs and staves. They’re a more niche profession than any other, as their items only really provide things for a few classes relative to the others. They are best supported by foresters and weaponsmiths, as some of their crafted items require blades in order to complete. They also produce instruments, which minstrels need to improve their abilities, along with horns that are used by champions. Spears are also in relatively good demand from both champions and guardians, as the additional damage over time that they produce is often quite desirable.

Hammers lower the target’s evasion chance, spears have an additional damage over time bleed, bows have an extra auto-attack critical chance and crossbows are more difficult to block. Produce your weapons and advertise them accordingly when people ask for help. One advantage of woodworking is that it’s significantly less expensive to level up than professions like weaponsmith - wood is less expensive than ore, and easier to acquire out in the world. Many people simply bypass the branches that they see out in the wild, making it far easier to go out into the world and return to town with a full pack of wood. Some of your metal materials will need to come from metalsmiths, however, but the majority of the items you create are made mostly of wood.

One thing that greatly reduces the profitability of woodworking is that almost none of their items are required by other crafting professions. This makes it so that as a woodworker, you’re really only serving a limited market. As such, it’s sometimes better to choose a different profession, focused on gathering, before you sink the time and effort into mastering this profession. It fills a nice niche, but it’s much more difficult to find a profitable niche as a woodworker, requiring more effort for less return than most of the other professions. On the other hand, there are more hunters out there than just about any class, which helps to make bows and crossbows sell at a faster rate than most other weapon types.

One nice thing that woodworkers can make are fishing poles, which are used by the fishing hobby to increase production. Some of those items can sell very well, and they’re relatively inexpensive to make. Also, as fishing is open to all characters no matter what vocation they have, it’s a broader market than most of what woodworkers produce otherwise.

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