Lord of the Rings Online - Overview Of The Jeweler Crafting Profession in LOTRO

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Polishing gems, crying about the price of silver.

Vocations: Tinker

Jeweler is easily the most lucrative crafting profession in the game, but also the most expensive to raise. The ore and gems that you need to get to grandmaster are enormously expensive, and you would be able to make hundreds of gold selling the materials that it takes. With that in mind, once you get to the top, you’ll be able to sell your critical successes for excellent money, eventually recouping your investment after some steady business. The reason why it’s so lucrative is that unlike every other crafting profession - besides cook and scholar - your items can be used by any class in the game. This helps in that you have a much wider market that you can serve than the other crafting classes. It also helps that many of the higher tier jeweler items are very high quality, and replacements for those slots are otherwise hard to come by through ordinary means.

Another way to defray your costs is to polish gems. You can often ask friends and members of your kinship to give you gems to polish which will give you a few extra points on your skill count here and there. Every point matters, and it helps greatly to not have to spend any money when you’re boosting up your crafting. Don’t expect your non-critical success gear to sell for very much, as most players will be able to find better than that from quest drops. When you do have a critical success, however, you can often make some extra cash from it by putting it up on the auction house.

If you’d like to increase your skill quickly, you can often buy lots of lower quality gems for very cheap on the auction house. Those items rarely trade in high volume, so many people aren’t sure what they should be charging for each gem. Take advantage of their ignorance to increase your jeweler skill that much faster.

Silver is one of the most expensive things that you’ll need as a jeweler. If you have trouble finding much of it, be sure that you’re mining all of the Barrow Iron in a particular area. That shares spawn points with silver, so by mining that, you’re increasing the chance that more silver will spawn in the area. It’s generally good practice to never leave a mining node empty that you could otherwise use. Other items that often sell well are the amulets that change the appearance of lore-master pets. Many people buy these quickly.

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