Lord of the Rings Online - Overview Of Crafting Professions in LOTRO

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Lord of the Pies

Lord of the Rings Online has a very in-depth crafting system that allows players to create just about everything that they need in-game, from tasty pies to deadly swords to musical instruments. The items that you can produce as a crafter rival the best available from dungeons, raids and quests, providing a relatively simple way for many players to acquire excellent equipment just by participating in the economy. No matter what level you are, you can help to keep the wheels of the market of Middle-Earth turning. There’s a brisk trade in low level materials, making it quite possible for young players to become quite wealthy quickly with a little additional know-how.

When you choose your crafts in LOTRO, you pick from a number of vocations. Each vocation offers three different crafting professions, each of which tends to work well with one another. You advance through each tier of crafting skill by producing recipes, many of which can be used by players or yourself. You can choose to take the slower route of advancing your crafting as you level your adventurer, or you can work on one before the other. It’s your choice, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches.

Generally speaking, you should try to hold onto just about anything that seems useful that you pick up off of things that you fight. Even if you can’t use it, you can probably sell it to someone else on the auction house or give it to one of your friends with another craft. If you have a close friend, it can often help to play the game with complimentary professions so that you can help one another advance your crafting arts.


Cook: Use farmed materials to make tasty food and brew drinks to provide buffs to your friends.

Farmer: Harvest the fruits of the earth in your own plot.

Forester: Becoming a lumberjack is okay, so long as you don’t mind sleeping all night and working all day. Also, you can tan hides.

Jeweller: Carve out attractive adornments that provide stat boosts.

Metalsmith: Hammer out heavy armor and shields.

Prospector: A job for those who like slam picks into big rocks to pull out other shiny rocks.

Scholar: Research the ancient history of Middle Earth to provide lore items that bestow combat buffs on your allies along with powerfulmedicinal salves.

Tailor: Sew light armor and some medium armor.

Weaponsmith: Forge weapons to destroy the minions of Sauron.

Woodworker: Carve bows, wooden weapons and musical instruments.

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