Lord of the Rings Online - Overview Of The Cook Crafting Profession in LOTRO.

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Vocations: Tinker, Yeoman

Cooks are one of the most important professions in Lord of the Rings Online. Although your characters won’t die from starvation, they do crave everything that the cook creates. Food and drink produced by this profession add to your morale and power out of combat regeneration while buffing some of your statistics, giving your character a boost that you can’t get anywhere else. Although it can be an expensive proposition to keep yourself outfitted with the best cooked food at all times, once you get yourself established at a higher level, it’s almost a necessity to fill your stomach. Some of the best food is as effective as the buffs that belong to some classes, and food buffs stack with everything. The relative ease of mastering farming also means that it’s relatively easy to keep your cook well supplied.

The constant demand for new food also helps to make this one of the more profitable professions once you’ve achieved mastery. Like in all other item creation crafts, there are five tiers of mastery for the cook. You need to perform a quest to unlock each new tier to gain access to newer recipes. You’ll also need to complete some special quests to gain access to the superior ovens of Michel Delving, which will allow you to improve your crafting significantly. The quests are generally fun romps where you have to cook for various hungry NPCs.

Many of the cook’s recipes require items that can only be purchased from vendors, so it makes pursuing the profession to mastery while at low level somewhat expensive. You can of course defray the costs through farming, but the majority of recipes that you have require a good deal of store bought ingredients in order to put them together. If you find that you lack the money to continue your cooking, it might help to sell some materials that you’ve gathered to raise money for the pursuit.

The famed Blackberry Tart is one of the crowning items of the master cook, providing +34.7 non-combat power regen, +29.1 non-combat morale regen, healing 146 morale every 30 seconds for 300 seconds and restoring 110 power every 30 seconds for 300 seconds. Added up over an entire fellowship or raid of characters, that’s quite a lot of extra healing and regeneration that the healers don’t have to worry about. Superior Lembas provides similar excellent buffs. As long as you stick with it, cooking pays off majorly.

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