Retro Reviews Part Two: Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis

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What was the Fate of Atlantis?

One of the jewels of LucasArts is the Indiana Jones franchise, not only the movies but also the videogames that are extremely popular among the video gamers, and enthusiastic of the movie franchise. As many classic games from LucasArts, Indiana Jones and FaO use the SCUMM menu as a navigational device to interact with the scenario and the non playable characters.

The story of FaO is very similar as the Indiana Jones movies where an artifact is been pursue by a group of people who everyone has different motifs for the artifact use, but in this case is not a simple artifact or an idol, is a complete city that the Nazi’s are behind due the immense power that lays in the city walls, and there is always Indiana to save the day from the bad guys.

The gameplay is similar as many other games such as the first two parts of Monkey Island, Beneath a Steel Sky, Loom, Sam and Max and many other games that used the graphical system of SCUMM, which also let the player to use an inventory verb based, that let the player to interact with his surroundings at a full extent, the only exception of the SCUMM based games is Loom that don’t use a verb inventory system but instead a musical activated one and also FaO is one of the few games that have the possibility of been killed depending on the ending selection.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is one of those few games that revolutionized the gameplay system, because it incorporated the multiple path selection in the storyline and the possibility to die depending on the actions taken by the player. The difficulty of the game is most hard than Monkey Island but less hard than Loom, there is two reasons to say that and is because the multiple path the player can choose but also the inventory system is more easy than the one shown in Loom.

The game can be found on almost any website because of its status as a freeware, one of those pages you can find it in DOS GAMES ARCHIVE or if you like to play it in another language you try it at SELVA DEL CAMALEON where you can play the game in Spanish.

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